13 million iPhones sold in 3 days – why? / Hong Kong Radio 3

Iphone-scmp-Not everyone was thrilled with the record breaking 13 million new Apple iPhones 6 and 6s’s sold in its first 3 days, Hong Kong’s annual iPhone re-sellers, those that stand outside Apple store’s selling the new iPhone at anywhere between 120% and 200% markup, traditionally do brisk business in launch week, but this year are struggling to make sales.

In a twist on the usual the re-sellers are blaming Apple for a combination of having too many units available for sale and not enough innovation to entice the demand frenzy .

In my regular weekly catch up with Hong Kong Radio 3’s Phil Whelan we took a look at this strange complaint and on the back of a 15 hour global Skype outage earlier this week chatted about what life might be like and how we might survive without today’s technologies.

Have a listen now (16 minutes 58 seconds) and then let me know your thoughts on how well you’d survive without today’s technology.

Eye on the Future - Sep 30, 2015 | All, Gadgets, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview
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