Radio ABC Australia – Today Show – Future Tech Segment – 5 February 2010

Make your own toilet paper starts this weeks segment as we discuss the Japanese manufacturers newest USD$100,000 toy, a machine that takes 40 sheets of ordinary office paper, some water and a half an hour to produce a roll of toilet paper.

Thankfully the discussions between Phil, Adelaine and Morris changes pace as we join Phil on Hong Kong Radio to discuss Australia’s Intergenerational Report 2050, the Hon. Wayne Swan this week release a blueprint of Australia’s changing demographic landscape, including a conservative figure that by 2050 we will have a population of 35.9 million – a figure that I think is conservative and is more likely to be closer to 40 million people – an ageing population, a changing workforce and the implications of all of these and more.

We also took up the question of whether the band AC DC should have to pay compensation for borrowing a melody from an Australian iconic tune and whether censorship is alive in Australia as we chatted about the South Australian Government’s recent law to make all political bloggers commenting on the upcoming state election clearly state their name and postcode on each blog they post. Although on the surface this may seem sensible, it is the enactment of a law that inhibits free speech in Australia.

This, lots of lively conversation, competitions and even Adelaine talking about oral sex – you just have to listen to see how this worked its way into the conversation, I was there and still can’t quite believe it – are all part of this week’s ABC Australia’s Radio FutureTech Segment. Recorded live 5 February 2010.