Search with a difference

The sum total of all wisdom is not necessarily found in the first three responses provided in one of the popular branded search engines.

Sometimes you need a specialist search engine to really get the information and insights you need.

In this week’s ABC Australia’s radio segment Adelaine, Nadia and I take a look at some of the other great search engines that are out there, including:

Blogs – Searches for content from blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Images – a reverse image search engine – this finds out where an image came from, how it’s being used and where you can find the best resolution version. – Searches through more than 3 billion online photos.

People – Search for people all over the world from a simple interface. – Aggregates public information from a number of sources to give a spread of person-specific information.

Music – Basic music search engine by artist and / or song title. – Search over 7,000,000 tracks from the one location. – Type in your favourite artist and then a map of similar artists will be returned (very cool).

Audio and Video – The web’s leading podcast search directory. – Search over 35 million hours of video.

(for a full list click here)

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The Future of Australian Tourism

I was privileged this morning to present a keynote on the Future of Australia’s Tourism Industry to the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) annual conference, after which I did this impromptu interview with eGlobal Travel Media.

Take a look: