Looking at 2014 through sunshine

2014-02-08 08.29.06Queensland’s Gold Coast makes everything looker brighter and that’s even true of chatting about my 2014’s major trends with Nicole Dyer at ABC Gold Coast radio.

In our regular catch up Nicole and I chatted about the year ahead, about the growing phenomena of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing; about new food trends including frekah;  peek a boo panels in women’s clothes; new tech ahead; 3D printing; online social media and communication including dispelling fears around snapchat and all things 2014.

Have a listen now and share your thoughts on the year ahead.


Top Gun

me_and_wayneWow what a great webcast this morning and as always Wayne pulls a great crowd of the most exciting and entrepreneurial marketing and sales professionals on the planet.

We looked at the Future of a tonne of stuff, all from a Sales and Marketing lens, including, what innovation is, the getting of wisdom, the internet of things, wearable computers, 3D printing and generally how to embed an innovation culture into your Sales and Marketing trEYEbe.

If you missed our webcast this morning, here a couple of options of how to catch up.

The first is to take a wander through my slide deck, minus the commentary, click the Start Prezi arrow key in the middle of the box below, give it a minute to load up and you’re good to click away:

and the second, is to sit back and watch the broadcast now:

Click here to read my 2014 horEYEzon trend predictions

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The future of workplace drug testing

drug testingThis morning’s newspapers carried another story about workplace drug testing and the invasion of privacy some workers feel from it, this led to a whole lot of talk-back on Geoff Hutchinsons Breakfast program on ABC Local Perth radio, which led to a call to me to discuss the future of workplaces and drug testing.

Well that’s the history, but the future goes likes this.

We are on the precipice of wearable computers and internet of things, the first gives us super powers to monitor vital signs and health and well being in real time and in if programmed could also monitor or assess our drug and alcohol readings. The latter gives every inanimate object an IP address and makes it searchable.

When you put the two of these together you end up with a real time monitoring regime that uses leading indicators (future predictors) rather than lagging indicators (historical testing of past usage and ingestion)  and marries it up with a knowledge of the equipment about to be used, to provide a more accurate real time assessment of a person actual ability to undertake the task at hand.

We also chatted about the workplace of tomorrow, whether drug and alcohol testing will be relevant in a decades time and whether we will still want to go to work in the 2020’s.

Great conversation, so have a listen now and then let me know your thought on the workplace and drug and alcohol testing in the future


The Future of Sales and Marketing with Wayne Berry and Morris Miselowski – Free Webinar.

On a gorgeous Melbourne sunny day (yes we do have them) my mate Wayne Berry of Top Gun Business Academy (one of the world’s foremost advisers and trainers in sales and marketing) and I were chatting about how the world of sales and marketing had changed and future gazing into what it may become.

Before we knew it the morning was gone and our conversation had turned into a panoramic landscape of future opportunities hovering out there in futureland ripe for the picking, but largely unknown and definitely underutilized and we both knew that we had to share these insights with our colleagues, clients and friends.

me_and_wayne click on the image to eavesdrop on our conversation

So the idea was hatched, a FREE 45 minute global interactive webcast on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00 a.m. (AEST) on the Future of Sales and Marketing with Wayne looking at the process, structure and how-to of selling and me at the future landscape of business and innovation.

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On our 45 minute journey next Wednesday into the future we’ll stop off and take a look at:

  • what digital and physical business and marketing really is and will become;
  • how to continuously mine the internet for incredible customer insights, leads and information;
  • how to sell and manage across different cultures, expectations and time zones;
  • how to bring continuous stress free innovation to everything you do;
  • how and where to find others to partner you on your journey;
  • an overview of my key 2014 business trends and
  • how to get your technology to become really useful by making great decisions for you, and
  • answer lot’s of your questions and start lot’s of conversations

I’m so looking forward to continuing my chat with Wayne on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00 a.m. (AEST) and hope you can join us for what I know will be an inspiring and business changing conversation.

To book your spot or to take a look at the promo video click here.

Looking forward to seeing you online next Wednesday.

Welcome back to 2014

future gazing eye2014 will see Australia’s population increase by one (1) new person every 1 minute and 18 seconds, adding 364,997 more Aussie’s than we started the year with to end up with a total of 23,701,331 Aussies.

We will have three (3) Australian state elections one in South Australia in March, another in Tasmania some time in the first 1/2 of the year and finally in Victoria in November.

In food, kale, quinoa and chia are so last year, this years superfoods will be freekah and teff and we might even eat them as we enjoy the new craze of drinking tea whilst dining with friends and sharing communal food platters. Regular healthy snacking is also on the rise this year, as is purchasing fresh produce daily, rather than in bulk weekly buys.

Women’s fashion will boast peak a boo panels, optical illusion prints and 50 shades of gray.

Furniture will be smaller, multi-purpose and utilitarian and we will paint our interiors with bright colours like red, blue, green. whilst our kitchens will boast elaborate cabinetry painted in rich gemstone colours and accented with gleaming brass or chrome with dramatic back-splashes and trims.

There’s so much we already know about what 2014 might look like and so much more that we have yet to discover, innovate and invent.

This and my other 2014 trend forecasts started off my new year of  regular future gazing segments with David Dowsett on ABC radio Wide Bay. Have a listen now and let me know your trend forecasts for 2014.

Calm down and get real

deep-breathing2014 will be a year of great change – psychologically, emotionally, technologically and pretty much for all of the other ology’s.

Alright we get it. The worlds had it tough. Things will take a while to build towards a new normal, which will for the first time have to include a digital version of ourselves and the world and yes we’re obviously all connected all day (well almost) and we can do lots of cool stuff with our new gadgets and new toys – but I’m over all of this obvious stuff, so just tell me how does all this make a real difference to my life?

This backdrop started the conversation between James Lush of ABC Local Perth and I in our regular on-air look ahead.

As well as the new normal, we chatted about the growing movement for digital detox’s, digital Sabbaths and digital time out, the rise of ephemeral apps like Snapchat that allow us to communicate, but don’t long term store the conversation and apps that are time and place sensitive and can automatically stop, halt or silence technology like when you’re at the cinema, in bed or at Church.

We also chatted about the changing business landscape that will eventually see many of us as Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs (same thing as an Entrepreneurs but is an employee of the company stirring things up internally); the rise of new businesses and business paradigms by looking at websites and apps like Etsy and Ebay that allow anyone to sell anything to anybody and digital service providers such as Uber that allow you to find a driver and car in your local area in real time and the slew of uberesque innovations I’m sure we’ll see in the very near future that will connect people needing goods and services with those providing it in real time.

As always it’s great gazing into the future with James, take a look at all my predictions for 2014 and beyond, and have a listen to the segment and share your thoughts for what you see ahead.

What are Australian’s really doing online today?

Some great stats have just been released on what Australia’s are doing NOW online, where they’re spending their digital time and on what.


correction: Australia’s population at Jan 2014 is 23,345,963





Fast Forward through 2014

abc_local_me_1_Jan_14The new economic normal, 3 Australian state elections, peek a boo panels in women’s fashion, 364,997 new Australians added to our population and super-foods freekah and teff were just some of the 2014 trends I chatted about with Kate O’Toole of ABC Local radio national in our look at what trends I have predicted for the year ahead.

In this extended interview Kate and I worked our way through the changing business landscape of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – internal and external business champions, innovation hubs that foster and encourage community and crowd businesses allowing us to form joint ventures and temporary business relationships with others as required to take advantage of a burgeoning sharing and collaboration culture.

Synthetic thinking and thought metamorphosis also gained air-time as we looked at the growing role our mobile devices and apps are going to have in sorting out what’s important to us and bringing that information in real time to a screen near us.

Health and wellness also sparked interest with listeners as we explored the shift away from a repair mentality with healthcare to a wellness culture where we will become increasingly responsible for our own health care monitoring as we evolve into an era wear a combination of changing culture, increased medical awareness and intervention possibilities and wearable devices that monitor our vital signs ongoing will provide us with personalised health insights, health suggestions and the motivation with which to action it.

This brave new world is of course not yet in existence and because we can is not a good enough reason to bring anything to reality, we must take control and ensure that we steer these horizon trends down a purposeful and human-centric path.

Thanks to all the ABC listeners, talk back callers and to the many new subscribers that have come on board since this interview, here’s wishing you all a most incredible 2014, may it exceed all of your expectations of it!!

Have a listen to the segment now (46 minutes) and share your 2014 predictions with me.