CES here I come | 4BC

PrintQ. What do you get when you cross 160,498 nerds and geeks, with 3,500 exhibitors from 140 countries showing off their latest, greatest and yet to be seen techno toys?

A. Technology Lust or as it’s better known CES 2015 (Consumer Electronic Show)

Every January in Las Vegas, like returning hungry migratory birds, the must-see and soon must have technologies are shown off and this year the big trending areas of the newest and shiniest are around: immersive technology, augmented reality, gaming, sports and fitness, health and wellness, unmanned machines, 3D printers, wearables and of course the great unknown – that little stall out the back of the exhibition spruiking technology we haven’t yet heard of, but just might be the next big thing.

All things CES, a brief look at the year ahead and also what the hell a Futurist does were all part of my regular catch up with 4BC’s Afternoon program and Karni Liddell.

Have a listen now and if you’re going to CES let me know and let’s see if we can meet up.