Live from Alice Springs – The Future of the Internet – Hong Kong Radio 3

IMAG3138This weeks segment came live out of Alice Springs, and with trepidation based on its remote location, HK 3’s Phil’s Whelan thought the connection would be bad, the internet impossible and communication terrible, this was of course after he’d already had a bad day of on-air interviews dropping out on him all caused by technology.

To his amazement the line was clear, the conversation crisp which started him asking why seems to be so hit and miss, what it’s the future might be and if we’ll ever have 100% reliable connections.

My answer started with a historical journey of how far we’ve come since dial-up internet, the vast distances that we now cover mostly without wires, the incredible speed with which (when its working) we are able to send and receive files, videos and audio and the commercial reality that it’s in the interest of the big digital companies to ensure that the internet gets better, faster and more reliable and that’s why Google, Facebook and many others are all experimenting with new and different internet options, why Li-Fi is looming on the horizon and why the story of the internet is only at its infancy.

Listen live as we explore Alice Springs, the internet of tomorrow and everything in between (11 minutes 12 seconds).

This is the career advice I gave to my kids – ABC Far North

advice-for-younger-self-011The question I get asked nearly every day is “What career advice would you give your kids?” and answering it’s easy, because mine have just finished high school and this is the condensed version of what I told them:

  1. you only need to find your direction, not your lifelong path
  2. you’re going to have 14 jobs and 6 careers, not all of them connected to whatever you study or do straight out of school, so don’t worry if you get it wrong
  3. you’re going to have create work for yourself and self manage your career
  4. on top of great institutional and life long learning, the traits that will get you a job, promoted and well paid are the human ones, not the generic ones, so get good at the 3C’s communicating, collaborating and creating and then keep getting better at them
  5. be open, respectful, mindful and purposeful
  6. be the same person on the outside, that you are on the inside
  7. like every other person, you know exactly the sum total of what you know and no more, but be open to knowing more and when you think you know it all – know you know nothing
  8. be confident in yourself and your self-worth
  9. have fun
  10. take on the world

This fatherly advice was the start for a great chat between ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey and  we worked our way through the most difficult of topics, how do we prepare our kids for a future we know almost nothing about.

Love this topic, have a listen and then add to my top 10 with your own (7 minutes 57 seconds).

Live from Singapore – Lessons from the Singaporean innovation ecosytem – Hong Kong Radio 3

IMAG3032It’s always a hoot to be in Asia and this week I’m broadcasting live from Singapore into Hong Kong, where Phil Whelan and I ponder why a small country like Singapore seems to be so on top of their game when it comes to tech adoption, innovation and “can-do” attitude.

We explored the driverless buses that are set to make their way on to some Singaporean roadways later this year, an education system that is heavily based on STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering) and is usually near the top of any global Education excellence survey and how a government can structure and incentivise a business ecosystem to become the Asian hub for business and technology.

We also took a look at the notion of freedom on information online and on the anniversary of Alan Turing’s wartime code breaking discovery we explored the notion of discovery, how we come up with ideas and how “human” an act this is.

Great segment, great location, have a listen now (15 minutes 59 seconds)


What happens in an internet minute? / Austereo


On the back of a regular global report that shows what we are doing on line every minute of every day Anthony Tilli and I look at some of the stats and explore why?


Augmented. Virtual and Mixed Reality / ABC Far North


Oculus Rift, Facebook’s $2 billion, Augmented Reality headset goes on retail sale this week in the States and seems destined to bring this industry into the mainstream. Ahead of this and the imminent release by numerous other headset manufacturers ABC’s Far North Kier Shorey and I took a look at this new tech and what is may be capable of.

Augmented Reality adds additional information on top of the a real world – things head up display on a car, Virtual Reality closes of the real world and takes you to a digital world and mixed reality does a bit of both depending on your need and what’s being viewed. These tech’s have been around in sci-fi for 100+ years and yes we’ve been promised them for just as long, but we are now in the sweet spot where tech, computing power and dreams have met and the tech is on taking an industry that’s worth US$2.54 billion today to an estimated US$13.5 by 2020.

The sues for these headsets are endless ranging from education, recreation, , medical, retail, tourism, sport, media and the list will continue to grow, but at its core its an output device that lets us experience and bet a part of data and information in a way never before possible.

It’s early days, its messy, still a bit expensive and not a deep catalogue of experiences, but this will change and these new devices will be in most people’s homes and offices within 5 years and will be the equivalnet of the mobile phone that not too long ago nobody needed and today can’t live without.

So have a listen as Kier and I explore some of the uses and potential of this new technology (11 minutes 56 seconds)…





Mobile Phone Privacy / Hong Kong Radio 3

spyingIn a bill before the American Congress law enforcers are asking for extended powers allowing them to go inside mobile / cell phone VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) and Tor’s to monitor currently hidden searches, and communication.

This is always a difficult topic, because if you have nothing to hide, then there’s no big deal and I get that, but I’m always concerned that such sweeping obtrusive laws in the wrong hands can be used for evil and we’ve seen government’s and individuals in our current, recent and past history do exactly that.

This is where HK3’s Phil Whelan and I started our regular weekly chat looking at the good, bad ugly and Chinese experience of government spying.

As always we took a tangent off this one and ended up looking at people getting things for free on-line and whether that leads them to ever wanting to buy or pay for something that they can download for nothing and explored the worlds of Netflix, Spotify and others that are now growing exponentially larger offering a subscription model for something that many people used to feel they were entitled to watch or listen to for nothing.

Great chat, lots of fun, have a listen now (14 minutes 41 seconds)