The Future of Food – Tony Delroy’s ABC Nightlife

nightlife_future_of_food_24_Aug_16_001By 2030 global demand for food will increase by 35%, as we feed an additional 1 billion recently born people and continue to feed many billions of existing people, many of whomt will thankfully have increased ready access to proteins and food.

This leaves us with a growing (pun intended) conundrum of having to provide more food varieties, to more people in more places, with less land to grow or raise it on, less water to irrigate it with and less people to tend and nurture it.

The maths just doesn’t add up.

In our regular catch up Tony Delroy of ABC radio’s nightlife and I take on this dilemma, exploring food and food production of the future, chatting about the how, what, where and when of food production and consumption and as usual our many callers have their own strong opinions.