The future is Human 1st, Brand 2nd, Technology 3rd

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Terminator have a lot to answer for and not just for his bad acting!

Every day I’m drawn into a discussion about a near future world where robots have taken over, humans have become secondary and redundant and technology is the cause of all evil.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Humans invented technology, surely, we can learn to tame it, find its off switch, or just calm down and see technology as a tool (like a hammer and a screwdriver) that in the right hands makes extraordinary things happen and in the wrong hands, well you know.

So, I’ve decided to dedicate this year’s speaking, consulting and media to the noble cause of rehumanising technology.

And in the past few months have taken my people-led human-first revolution on the road to Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and around Australia, spreading the message and my JUSI 4-point plan of how to achieve it (more about that below).

Now I haven’t gone completely feral and I’m not suggesting we go back to the dark ages, or slash and burn our technology – I love my tech too much, to go that far.

But what is becoming obvious, is that consumers across the planet are increasingly frustrated with the old tech-centric build it and they will come mentality and are showing it in the most powerful way, by refusing to buy stuff, just because it’s new and hyped.

Instead they’re looking for personalised answers to what difference the tech can make to their life and why they should care.

Can you answer these to (2) fundamental consumer questions?

In board rooms, strategy sessions and on stage they’re having real difficulty.

Whenever I ask the question “why should your customers care”? I am universally greeted by silence; followed by tumbleweed blowing past and then to fill the awkward silence, a list of motherhood statements – we’re the best, we have great distribution, we’re the biggest, we’re well known, blah blah blah.

What they’re really saying, is their business focus is based on technology and brand and the human factor’s a distant third.

That’s not going to cut it anymore.

The future is Human 1st, Brand 2nd, Technology 3rd.

Last year I worked with 200+ growth experts from one of Australia’s top 4 consulting firms and discovered that outside of Government contracts, it was their Consultant’s abilities and reputation that was wining them new business, not their brand or their technology

Result: a new, highly successful future oriented human-first pitch approach and strategy

Switched-on businesses that are
dominating the marketplace are all starting with the human need first and then
reverse engineering back, to find the best brand and technology solutions.

It’s a future-proof way to imagine and innovate tomorrow’s profitable products and business models and the more time
I spend with future obsessed entrepreneurs, investors and businesses, the more obvious it becomes that the human-centric focus is making a massive profitable come back.

So, how do you bring human-first back to your strategy and innovation conversations?

By looking far beyond
the tech borders into a future landscape, populated by human needs, wants and

To make sure I stay on track and don’t get caught in the technology first trap I’ve developed the JUSI four (4) point human-first checklist, as my guide:

Joyful – do staff, clients, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, society all trust and rave about you and your products?

Unique –  do you have a clear human, brand and
technological advantage?

Seamless – have you overcome all the
human, technology and marketplace obstacles between you and your customer?

Immersive – do people actively seek you
out and look forward to working with you?

I used this method the other month with one of North America’s largest university’s and within 60 minutes we laid out a human-first strategy to retain graduates as lifelong loyal learners and alumni.

The answer is rarely an easy yes.

Each question needs research and
vigorous debate.

Each response requires you to dig

To seek honest counsel.

To hear and listen.

To be fearless and frank.

To be future oriented.

To be audacious.

To be human.

But what comes out of it are the
most glorious future focussed profitable human-first micro, minor and major
rethinks, tweaks and possibilities.

In a time when technology
abounds. Where we feel overwhelmed with choice and increasingly uncertain about
what’s ahead, let’s choose our future not by the technology that abounds, but
by how we might best use it, to advance humanity.

It’s time to join the revolution and rehumanise your business.

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