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day offA couple of weeks ago I made an off-handed comment on the changing nature of the workplace and how we must evolve the way we work, not just the work we do so that work becomes appropriate to where and when it is best done.

The nature of our work is changing from an industrial revolution model of 9-5 to a project and task mentality. The need for weekends was religious and that no longer has the same attraction and increasingly the work many of us do is best done where and when it’s appropriate rather than shoehorning it into a 9-5 Monday to Friday framework in a fixed and constant space.

These seem like simple statements, but caused such angst in the media that my phone rang hot with interview requests for radio, television and newspaper and below are just some of them.

This evolution will change what it means to work, where work is done, what family and social time is and when it is done and will impact on retail and leisure industries and many others and is not meant to be THE only way to work in the future, but rather one of the continuum of work-style choices that we can choose from.

Have a watch or listen to some of these segments and then join the revolution and spread the word.

ABC Perth Saturday Breakfast with James Lush (regular segment)

6PR Perth Saturday Nights with Craig Weston

ABC Gippsland with Sian Sian Gard

Morning’s on ABC Darwin – 31st August 2014

Mackenzie Dixon – Sunshine FM Perth

Southern Cross Austereo WA with Wayne Taylor

Mitch Byatt – 2SER

Brig and Lemo – Gold FM

Justin Smith 2UE

Peter Bell 6PR

Phil – ABC Adelaide

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