The 8 incredible frontiers of tomorrows medicine / ABC WA Regional Drive

In 2007 I spoke about a near future, somewhere around 2015, when humans would evolve to become HomoCyborgs and one of the consequence of this new technology tethering would be to open a digital door into our bodies that would allow us to 24/7 peer deep inside ourselves to constantly monitor our health and wellness.

One of the consequences of having this real time evidence of our impending immortality is that inevitably our innate self preservation and human survival needs would kick in, forcing us to move away from an approach where we waited for our body to break down and then repaired it, to a future state where we would actively attempt to delay or prevent it from ever breaking down.

This afternoon’s chat with ABC WA regional drive show host Stan, follows on from this theme to explore how far we’ve come on this wellness journey and the impacts changing culture, technology, smart phones, apps and more are having on us and our wellness.

We explored a number of health monitoring apps including Healthymize which has developed a fully automated, cloud-hosted, artificial intelligence-based app technology to monitor voice patterns in patients affected by a range of health problems, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure and mental diseases.

We went to chat about CB’s 8 key areas of medical marvels that will over the next few years irrevocable change the shape, scope and practice of medicine including:

Intelligent drug design: Automating drug design and compound selection

Skin-as-a-platform: Dermal/Transdermal drug delivery and monitoring devices

Blockchain-enabled hospitals: Distributed networks advancing security and data sharing

CAR-T Therapies: Re-engineering T cells to better attack cancer

RNA Therapies: Filling in therapeutic gaps with RNA-based medicines

Anti-Aging Therapies: Preventing, halting, or reversing the aging process

Bio-Printing: Early-stage startups building organ printing machines

Neurotechnology: Enhancing human capabilities by integrating with the nervous system

Hand-held diagnostics: Condensing lab-grade diagnostics into hand-held devices

and then explored the notion that health care and wellness, like everything else on this planet, is becoming fractured and decentralised.

In this new wellness landscape we are moving away from the centrality of governments and large institutions being solely responsible for providing all aspects of health monitoring and care to a decentralised model where the individual returns to the centre, she or he builds an ecosystem of health care and allied professionals around them and then shares their historical curated information blended with real-time insights with each provider as and when they need it.

This evolving wellness landscape requires much thought, cultural change, ethical debate, governmental consideration and human intervention, but it is one of our most worthy and noble crusades, so take a listen now and then add your voice and thoughts to the future of your health and well-being (7 mins 5 secs).

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