A 3D printed world / 4BC

3d_clothes_nervous_system6.jpg6From knitted quilts on display at this year’s Brisbane Royal Show where 4BC’s Clare Blake is broadcasting live from to 3D printers may seem like a large step, but in reality the artisan, bespoke, one-off nature of quilting and 3D printing are almost identical.

Both require you to start from a need, find or make a pattern, get your materials and your tools, make it and then use it, and in this week’s regular chat Clare and I look at the 3D printing revolution and some of the items that we will soon print at home, or in-store, including clothes, shoes, pizzas, houses, cars, planes, tables chairs and the list goes on.

Have a listen now (11 minutes 15 seconds) to the things we might 3D print tomorrow and then let me know what you want your 3D printer to print for you.

Eye on the Future - Aug 11, 2015 | 3D Printers, All
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