ABC Radio Australia – FutureTech Segment – 18 June 2010

3D, virtual reality, motion sensing consoles all spearhead the new and not so unusual in this weeks gaming industry’s annual E3 expo in Los Angeles is the starting point of this weeks on air discussion between regular hosts Phil and Beverley, Ryan Egan of Tech Talk and me.

The gaming industry, worth $60 billion per annum, and the porn industry are great barometers of what’s ahead on line and in technology generally as both are vanguards looking for new ways to profitably invent and use on and off line technology.

Next up we found out that 72% of those on line in Australia in April were in social networking sites for an average 7:19:13 hours, the highest average monthly use of any country in the world; before turning our attention to online protests being staged by Chinese workers at the Honda parts factory in Zhongshan an unusual and bold movement in contrast to our beliefs of what is possible on line in China.

Hong Kong radio’s Phil Whelan joined us to look at a recent prediction that China will overtake Japan to become the world’s second largest advertising market within five years and that within 2 years it will become the second biggest consumer of online gaming, just behind the US.

Busy segment, word of the week competition, lots of laughs and mayhem abounds as we take our weekly look at technology and the future.

Listen to this segment now, or listen each Friday at 11.20 a.m. (Aust EST) and join me on Twitter for in between news and views from the future.

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