Are electric cars worse for your health than petrol powered cars?

In China electric cars appear to be worse for your health than gas-powered cars – please explain? and that’s what we try and do this week in my FutureTech segment with Adelaine Ng on ABC Australia.

The question begins with- as good as electric cars may be, in China that electricity comes from brown coal, which in its reincarnation into electricity is a heavy polluter.

I don’t believe we have yet seen the next real fuel alternative.

There is far too much time, effort and money going into what we know and believe, rather than what we don’t yet know and can’t quite yet prove, which is generally where our best innovations can be found.

So listen in and then share with us your thoughts on tomorrow’s possible alternate energy sources.

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Eye on the Future - Feb 15, 2012 | All, Gadgets, Horizon Trends, Innovation, Radio Interview, Transport
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