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Next live webinar – Friday 31st August 2018 @ 8.30 a.m. (AEST)

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Here’s what we talked about in July:

Here’s what we talked about in June:


and here’s May’s podcast:

There’s so much new stuff buzzing around, wild thinking, evolving technologies, incredible innovations, mind blowing inventions, changing business models and you instinctively know that you need to be on top of them all, but you just don’t have the time, the energy, or the starting point.

But there is an easy way to get all three.

  1. Give me 30 minutes this Friday morning.
  2. Sit down with a cup of coffee in front of some technology.
  3. Log in / dial in and join me and my global tribe on my FREE ½ hour monthly Innovation Safari webinar.


  1. I’ll walk you through June’s important tech / innovation / future news
  2. join the dots for you
  3. translate geek / nerd / hype into business possibilities
  4. explain why it is / isn’t worth knowing about, and
  5. what if anything you need to do about it and by when.
So stop making excuses and join me this Friday 31st August (and the last Friday of every month) as I squeeze the last 30 days of tech, innovation and fresh thinking news into
30 minutes of easy to understand, invigorating and empowering “what’s next” conversation.


Some of the stories covered in June’s webinar include:

the notion of what change really is and covers stories including the changing transport / mobility sector, the death of Asimov – Honda’s long serving and loyal humanoid robot, free wills and trusts, BMW’s new mobility app, Apple’s self driving car push, Mercedes self driving taxi’s, flying trains, micromobility, the global anti ageing market and the demise of religion are just some of the stories covered.

As always there are thick lashings of explanations, commentary, foresight’s and insights that weave all these seemingly disconnected threads together, into a future facing, immediately usable landscape of tomorrow and beyond.


Australia / New Zealand / Asia:

Date:     Friday 31st August 2018


  • Vic / NSW / Qld                                                       08.30 am
  • WA / Hong Kong / Singapore / China / Japan     06.30 am
  • NZ                                                                            10.30 am

North America / UK / Europe / Middle East :

Date:  Thursday 30th August2018


  • UK                2130 hours
  • Germany       2230 hours
  • Eastern         1630 hours
  • Central          1530 hours
  • Mountain      1430 hours
  • Pacific          1330 hours
  • Jerusalem    0130 hours
  • Dubai           0230 hours


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I’m really looking FORWARD to seeing you online at the end of the month and PLEASE feel free to bring your friends along.




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