Ban #3Dprinted guns and then…?

Of c3d kidneyourse we have to ban the manufacturing and use of illegal guns and weapons regardless of how they’re made, but let’s not judge all of 3D printing by this one abhorrent use, but rather celebrate it for its potential purposeful uses, but it seems like the pollies can’t help themselves and in Queensland PUP Member for Yeerongpilly Carl Judge has announced he is seeking to introduce legislation to do just that.

Great step, but then what? Let’s look broader than this populist knee jerk response and have a real debate on what new laws, thinking and culture horizon technologies are going to require and perhaps let’s even try to put a positive spin on it, like the wonderful Queensland story announced on the same day as this negative story of Queensland University signing a deal to print 3D human kidneys.

This debate, an overview of 3D printing, what it is and what it might do in the very near future were all part of my catch up this afternoon with Pat from ABC Local Radio Queensland.

Have a listen now.


Eye on the Future - May 23, 2014 | 3D Printers, All, Health, Horizon Trends
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