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The world has conspired this week to make most of my on stage and on air conversations Education focused.

Tomorrow I have the honour of speaking to a group of year 9 -12 students at one of Melbourne’s State Schools about all things careers, the jobs they may be doing and the way they may be working – truly can’t wait and even better, this is a full day program put together by a  couple of Year 12 students who invited the other local schools to come along – well done!

On Thursday I take my quest to Higher Education, when I address a group of Sydney’s elite higher education providers and look at the future of higher education and explain why universities will be soon be selling their land holdings and why the emphasis of tertiary qualifications has to global, just in time, just for me and just enough and develop more of the human traits than the industry ones, more on both of these later in the week.

So having designated this Education week, I’ve spilled the topic into many of my regular on air chats as we explored Kindergarten to Death education, what it is, why we do, what we won’t do anymore and what we must do instead.

Such an important conversation, I’ love you to have a listen to any of the interviews below and then share your thoughts on the Future of Education and if you’re up to it join me on air on Wednesday night (2nd August 2017) at 10 p.m. on ABC Radio as Nightlife’s Phil Clark and I chat our way through the Future of Education and take callers thoughts on where they see it all heading.

Kier Shorey, ABC Far North Monday 31st July (14 mins 52 sec)

Barry Nichols, ABC WA Regional Drive (8 mins 49 sec)

Phil Whelan, Hong Kong Radio 3 (16 mins 53 sec)

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