Beds 2055

android_sleep_apps-602x300Sleep time is when our body undertakes much of its routine update and repair and this is not going to change anytime soon.

It’s no surprise then that those having trouble getting quality sleep are looking for ways to improve.

In the past this has ranged from changing our surroundings, to herbal medicine, to pills and potions and more recently to the use of modern technology, but despite the growing number of apps and sleep technologies findings from a a survey I recently completed for Sealy found that a comfortable bed was still the number one sleep technology consumers wanted.

The survey also found that 69% of respondents stated, that in addition to a great bed, sleep aids and technologies had improved their quality of sleep.

Beds and bedrooms of the future, quality of sleep and why good sleep can help stave off depression, anxiety, signs of excessive aging, obesity and so many other diseases was the subject of various radio interviews on this topic, have a listen to some of them and then share your sleep remedies, apps and what you’d like to see in the bedroom of the future with us:

4BC Breakfast – 15th December 2013:

2WS Breakfast – 19th December 2013 :

2CC Canberra – 21st December 2013

6PR Breakfast – 31st December 2013:

Capital Radio – 6th January 2014

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