A brave new financial intimacy

hp_future_of_finance_starts_with_youOn the back of two around Australia speaking tours I’m currently on, for two different Financial industry clients, speaking on the Future World of Financial Intimacy, David Dowsett of ABC Bay Wide and I chatted about the new connect consumers will have with their money and finances.

These connections will come about through the abundance of new apps and devices on the horizon; be driven by a new found respect for money which post GFC has begun to mean a little bit more and seem a little bit scarcer to get and the cultural and societal reality that we will live and work longer and that Government pensions are most probably not going to be able to give us the lifestyle choices we want.

These conspiring political, social and technological realities started our discussion about all things digitally financial including digital currencies like Bitcoin – what they are and will they stick around; technologies new role in financial management; our new connection to our money and financial health and well being and who or what will be advising us about our money in the future.

Have a listen now and then share your thoughts on the Future of Finance…


Eye on the Future - May 26, 2014 | All