Calm down and get real

deep-breathing2014 will be a year of great change – psychologically, emotionally, technologically and pretty much for all of the other ology’s.

Alright we get it. The worlds had it tough. Things will take a while to build towards a new normal, which will for the first time have to include a digital version of ourselves and the world and yes we’re obviously all connected all day (well almost) and we can do lots of cool stuff with our new gadgets and new toys – but I’m over all of this obvious stuff, so just tell me how does all this make a real difference to my life?

This backdrop started the conversation between James Lush of ABC Local Perth and I in our regular on-air look ahead.

As well as the new normal, we chatted about the growing movement for digital detox’s, digital Sabbaths and digital time out, the rise of ephemeral apps like Snapchat that allow us to communicate, but don’t long term store the conversation and apps that are time and place sensitive and can automatically stop, halt or silence technology like when you’re at the cinema, in bed or at Church.

We also chatted about the changing business landscape that will eventually see many of us as Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs (same thing as an Entrepreneurs but is an employee of the company stirring things up internally); the rise of new businesses and business paradigms by looking at websites and apps like Etsy and Ebay that allow anyone to sell anything to anybody and digital service providers such as Uber that allow you to find a driver and car in your local area in real time and the slew of uberesque innovations I’m sure we’ll see in the very near future that will connect people needing goods and services with those providing it in real time.

As always it’s great gazing into the future with James, take a look at all my predictions for 2014 and beyond, and have a listen to the segment and share your thoughts for what you see ahead.

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