What can Robots really do? / Austereo

101245423-robot.530x298Every day there seems to be a new Robot doing something that we used to do ourselves, so this week Austereo’s Anthony Tilli and I chatted about the reality of what robots can and might do for us.

Aged care is a really great place to start and most of these are coming out of Japan, which has a growing elderly population, decreasing numbers of human aged care workers and a long time love affair with technology, which gives us robots that can wash hair, robots that monitor dementia patients and exoskeletons that human carers can wear to give them super strength and the ability to easily pick up and move patients around.

Police, army and rescue services have also picked up the pace with sniffer bomb robots and drones that can be sent into hazardous spaces and conditions amongst many other new pieces of tech and are also beginning to explore the use of artificial intelligence to predict issues and deploy people and resources accordingly.

As always a great chat, have a listen now (3 minutes 49 seconds) and then share the robot you’d most like to see invented.




Eye on the Future - Mar 25, 2016 | Aged Care, All, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview, Robots, Technology, Work
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