Should Canberra move to Adelaide? ABC Adelaide

canberra-to-adelaide-removalists-300x268On the back of a media release put out by Gary Morgan’s CEO Michelle Levine, exploring the notion of Canberra and Canberran’s being too isolated from real Australian’s to offer effective government and instead suggesting that Canberra and its 150,000 public servants be packed up and moved to Adelaide, Sonya Feldoff of ABC Adelaide wanted to explore this with Michelle and asked me to join the on-air debate.

My first response was it isn’t real and doesn’t make sense, but Michelle was adamant and saw great merit in getting the relocation experts in and suggested Adelaide because it is in dire need of job stimulus and new direction. As interesting as this idea is, the one thing I’m sure you would pack into your official government boxes along with all your furniture and files is your government way of being.

The public service and bureaucracy seem to be the same the world over regardless of how central of isolated how large or how small, how efficient or inefficient, how transparent or corrupt, they all seem to develop their own code of silence, their own way of being and their own unique approach to interacting with the world and those they serve.

Physically moving people may change the view from their window, but it will not change their view of the world.

Red tape, strange decisions and a them and us mentality will surely follow wherever they go.

If we play this strange what if scenario out to its preposterous conclusion, what happens to the people who remain in Canberra after the move and are we not setting Canberra up as the next lost ghetto.

My preference instead of moving Canberra is to explore a new way of getting Canberran’s and public servants to engage with the world, to look at tomorrow’s landscape of employment, Artificial Intelligence, Robots and other horizon landscapes and ask to do we need public servants long-term, what is the purpose and role of governments in tomorrow’s world and perhaps a hyperloop or fast train allowing Canberran’s quicker access to the outside world and the outside world to it, might just give them a different perspective on the world ahead.

Lots of caller interest, a lively debate (22 minutes 35 seconds), well worth a listen and then let me know your thoughts on the debate.

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