The future often takes a while to catch up with the present /

Date posted: September 11, 2015

indexI know this is a tad self-indulgent, but I do love it when something I've suggested a few years ago finally finds its time and place...

"A few weeks ago, Smithink conducted an interesting workshop in Melbourne on “Outsourcing”. Kane Munro of Deloitte delivered the key-note address “A real world experience of utilising outsourcing”. In his presentation, Munro referred to an article in the Charter Magazine in 2012 by Morris Miselowski, a futurist: “By 2020, relationships between organisations, people and service providers will be far more intimate. Accountants will be part of an individual

Experience the Future for yourself, spend 8 days touring Silicon Valley Israel – Innovation Safari

Date posted: May 29, 2015


The most often asked question I get is "where do you get your information from" and I always stumble over an answer, not because I don't want to share, but because everyone's looking for a fountain of future wisdom and it just doesn't exist, but one of my most trodden paths to future discoveries is not through reading about it, but rather by experiencing and living it firsthand and that's why I travel extensively visiting often with bleeding edge thinkers, doers and investors. So, after much beh

The end of cash / ABC Adelaide

Date posted: May 11, 2015

datanudistDenmark intends to get rid of the obligation for its retailers to accept payment in cash and instead push its citizens into a cashless society. This new world of payments was enough for Sonya Feldoff of ABC Adelaide to spark another of our regular chats looking at the Future of Money. In the foreseeable future Australia will continue to have notes and

#Crowdfunding – Your pot of $$$ at the end of the digital rainbow | 4BC, ABC

Date posted: April 7, 2015

crowdfundingGot a great idea, but the only thing holding you back is money? Then fret not, the internet may have a way to get your idea from aha to oh yeah - crowdfunding. The traditional route to fund great ideas has always been from savings, parents, relatives, friends, banks, venture capitalists, angel investors and listing, but increasingly this is being gazumped by crowdfunding, online portals that match up those looking for money with those willing to invest. The major difference between old and new is that instead of getting the money from one source,

Why Facebook or Telstra could be the next PayPal | The New Daily

Date posted: June 19, 2014

bank1             Imagine logging into Facebook to pay your bills. Or having free Internet, on the condition that you always wheel your virtual shopping cart past the Telstra checkout. For now, the big banks rule the digital payments industry, raking in fees from the many ways we exchange money without using cash. PayPal is of course a big competitor, but there a host of other potential “pretenders to the crown”. That’s according to futurist and inventor Morris Miselowksi, who has advised two of the Australian big banks on this issue. “They know that [co

Financial Intimacy

Date posted: June 14, 2014

fin intimacyIn the last couple of weeks I have been around Australia twice, delivering 11 keynotes, on behalf of two different clients, to financial audiences on the new financial health and well being horizon and my belief that as we become digitally reconnected to our finances we will become better informed. more interested and increasingly motivated to make great financial decisions and to look for wise counsel to assist us

FUTURIST: Personal Financial Information Is About To Go Real-Time And Tell You Exactly What You Have To Spend | Business Insider

Date posted: May 28, 2014

balloonsreprinted from Business Insider The world of credit cards we’ve been living for the past 40 years has increasingly cut us off from the feel of cash. But technology is about to change that and it will mean a shake-up in the financial advising industry, according to Australian futurist Morris Miselowski. “Up until now, society has been coming to them (financial advisers) with what I call the Oliver pr

Futurist Morris Miselowski predicts the jobs we’ll be doing in 2050 |

Date posted: April 24, 2014

721565-957d7760-caa1-11e3-9484-00a97bf135c7reprinted from Business Section of “I CAN’T wait to be a transhumanist designer when I grow up,” said no child, ever. That might not be the case for long if futurist Morris Miselowski is right. He predicts the job could become as common as a teacher or builder in the years ahead. The renowned futurist, who has spoken at TEDx, thinks the workforce will change drastically in the next 35 years, with 60 per cent of us doing jobs that don’t exist

FUTURIST: These Are The 10 Social Trends To Watch For Next

Date posted: April 22, 2014

crystal-ball-185683357reprinetd from Morris Miselowski is a self-described stirrer in the traditional Australian sense. That means he challenges current thinking and puts people off balance by looking at the world from another angle. He’s also a futurist: He creates a detailed possible future t

Morris on Sky News Business

Date posted: April 9, 2014

me_and_switzer_8_April_14 The Future is an incredible space, it allows us to wonder and imagine, to invent and to innovate and to take the best of what we are and have done and mix it with the possibilities of what we might yet become. In this Sky News Business TV segment Peter Switzer and I chat about what a Futurist is and does, explore some of the key future business impacts including 3D printing, crowdsourcing and a world where most businesses are still missing out on their innovation possibilities because they st