Self reinvention not retirement – Living to 120 / ABC Far North and Austereo

Date posted: June 20, 2016

pop_growth_elderlyThe reality is we will soon be capable of living to 100, our kids to 120 and our grand kids to 150, the world that this will happen in is literally at our doorsteps and in this new era of human longevity, we are going to have re imagine and re purpose who we are and what we do. In this week's segment we explore this new human era of longevity, the notion of working to 80 years and beyond, the retirement dilemma which will see us need to work longer both for income and for mental stimulation and all of this on a global back drop of another 3 billions more people on the planet by 2050, 15 million more in Australia, a worldwide change in work pract

#Wearables set to change our world / Radio 3 Hong Kong

Date posted: March 15, 2016

digital_health_John-Foxx_Stockbyte_Thinkstock HK3's Phil Whelan was feeling a bit nostalgic this week as we looked back on the gold old days of wearing watches to tell the time and maybe the direction you're heading in and how over the last decade or so its become "uncool", until he recently noticed a growing band of tech wearables back on people's wrist. We chatted about Fitbit's and similar wearables that were all the rage, how many early adopters seem to disillusioned with them as they find no real on going purpose in them and my belief that these devices will have a resurrection very soon as we begin to find more purposeful things to do with them. T

Resell the food you’re not going to eat & Dr. App / ABC Far North & Austereo West

Date posted: March 14, 2016

wefood-food-waste-surplus Our supermarkets and wholesalers throw out food that is still edible, as use by dates reach their expiry and fruit becomes blemished, but in Sweden WeFood has opened a new supermarket that collects these foods and sells them at a 30-50% discount. Volunteers collect produce from traditional supermarkets, importers, butchers, bakers and growers and sell them to both low-income shoppers and to anyone who is concerned about food waste. A great solution to a food shortage problem that is rarely about food availability, but rather about a lack

Top 11 Health & Medical Tech Innovations / 4BC, ABC Wide Bay, ABC Far North

Date posted: June 29, 2015

429f5623b51e4ef3c9797087620e512bOur approach to health and wellness has evolved from a doctor centric, wait until your body breaks down approach of old, to a patient centric prevention is better than cure approach. Driving this change in medicine and in culture is technology, leading to new wisdom, new approaches, new players, new engagements and new possibilities and this week in some of my regular on air radio segments I explored the top 12 Health and Wellness technologies and what we can expect from them.

Do machine mothers know best? | 4BC, Radio 3 Hong Kong, ABC Wide Bay, ABC Cairns

Date posted: June 16, 2015

ridingsun-robotHelper-753030We've spent the last 30 years putting ourselves on line and becoming discoverable, it's now our machines turn. Just like social media allows us to find each other across time and place, to interact, to discover, to speak, to listen, to inform, to engage, to transact, to query, to learn, to guide, to orchestrate, to announce, to follow and to lead, it's now time for our machines to be able to do the same. We are on the cusp of a revolution that will once again change everything we know about being human, having information,

How fast will fast food become? | ABC Overnights

Date posted: May 1, 2015

fast-foodRemember the local fish and chip store, Chinese restaurant, pie and sauce and chicko roll? Well, they like many other cultural norms, made way for their successor the mostly American hamburger and pizza format stores which 40 years ago heralded in a new way to eat-out and a new cuisine. These store have done well and are still market giants and IBIS tells us that as of April 2015 McDonald's held 16.5% of the fast food marketplace and sold $2.35 billion last year. KFC and Pizza Hit, owned by Yum! Restaurants, held 10.1% and turned over $1.43 billion last year and Subway accounts for

The Future of Pharmacy | Transpharmation Podcast

Date posted: February 13, 2015

robIt was a privilege and thrill to appear recently on Rob Sztar's Transpharmation Podcast the worlds largest Pharmacy and Technology show. The thrill is to speak with Rob, a pioneer who sees an industry not just for it was and is, but more importantly for what it is likely to become and how it may be disrupted. Rob is also a rare blend of someone who is not only talking the talk by speaking,blogging and podcasting, but also walking the walking working side by side w

#2015 Trends – the who, what, where and how of the next 365 days | ABC Nightlife

Date posted: November 28, 2014

abc_nightline_26_Nov_14Staying ahead of trends can be a challenge and a chore. It often feels as if you are no sooner you up on the latest fashion, app or 'super' food fad when it's already being replaced by something new. Fortunately, we have Morris. In his Nightlife podcast Tony Delroy of ABC local radio heard right around Australia is joined in the studio by regular guest business futurist Morris Miselowski for a sneak peak at the trends of 2015.

Listen now:

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2015’s Top 9 Food Trends

Date posted: October 13, 2014

global-localhealth food3 ingredients

Everything old is new again – Radio 3 Hong Kong

Date posted: September 23, 2014

For many years I did a weekly segment on ABC Radio Australia live into Hong Kong_DSC8555 Radio's Morning Brew Show with Phil Whelan and on my recent trip there I couldn't resist going live into studio with Phil and reminiscing about the old days and more importantly catching up on all things Future. Just like the old days, our conversation meandered and veered down the paths of what a Futurist is and does, future tech, gadgets, cell phones, wearable technology, 3D pr