I want it all & I want it now / ABC Perth Weekends

Date posted: July 8, 2017

On demand dog walking service WagWalking sent ABC presenter Andrea Gibbs into a spin, believing that part of good dog ownership is walking it yourself and wondering if this was a one-off or if there was a growing appetite of on demand services. The growth of on-demand services,  bringing together people in a digital marketplace to want and offer task driven activities that we can't or don't want to do for ourselves, has risen steadily over the last few years to become a multi billion dollar economy offering an incredible array of "I want it now" and "I'll do it now" possibilities including:

The Pace of Change / ABC Mornings with Jon Faine

Date posted: June 20, 2017

We've just discovered a new piece of tech, a new app, a new fad, a new business proposition, a new idea or a new gadget and we think we've come to terms with it, when out of left field another new something comes along and blows us out of the water. This was the starting point for a conversation with ABC Melbourne's Morning presenter  Jon Faine as we explored all things future, including my belief that the rate of change has not increased just the amount of parallel technologies that we have to tame simultaneously have and that we are all now Homo Cyborg's irrevocably tied to technology throug

Sneak Peak @ 2015 trends | ABC Local radio Perth and Wide Bay

Date posted: November 10, 2014

curtain 2015Want to know what 2105 holds for your business and life? Well, I'm almost done crossing the "t's" and dotting the "i's", before I formally release my 7th annual trend horizon report, but I thought I'd take some of the trends out for a spin on a couple of my regular radio segments and have already had an incredible response and a tonne of requests for the white paper. 2015 theme will be a year of getting over it, moving it along and getting it done and the first year in many, that we refer less to the past years and the economic a

Your tomorrow home…

Date posted: March 19, 2014

future houseFood, water and shelter are three of our base needs and the question of shelter and homes and what they may evolve into was the topic for my chat this week with David Dowsett of radio ABC Wide Bay. Our houses and home of tomorrow will definitely provide shelter, they will definitely be things that we have and cherish, but their structure, composition and contents are all likely to evolve. On the back of a detailed research piece I recently concluded on the Future of Homes and a

A #3DPrinted world

Date posted: March 3, 2014

3d-printing-history3D printing seems to be making the headlines more often lately as we hear about 3D printing for medicine, manufacturing, housing, foods, cars and just about everything. even though the technology has been around since the 1980's it's only in the last few years that it has become commercially viable with technology, need and culture combining to press the "Go" button on all things 3D printed. In our regular look ahead David Dowsett of radio ABC Wide BayRead More...

The World of #Jobs

Date posted: March 1, 2014

future jobsIn a future world there may not be a retirement age, we may not all be working 9 -5 work, we may not have job descriptions and we will almost certainly not have culturally sanctioned employment certainty. In this new landscape of employment we will work project and task, work at any age, work wherever is geographically or digitally best, come and go from employers and clients and work to a more fluid lifestyle, where work life balance and today's social norms are culturally historical and no longer viable. This world brings one of possibility and adventure, it mimics a pre

All things Future…

Date posted: February 14, 2014

Sheridan StewartAll things future was the brief for my chat with Sheridan Stewart of New England ABC local radio and that's pretty much where we took it, everywhere. We chatted about the future of communication and journalists and dealt with the perennial question of would we need them moving forward. My answer, as always, is that we must get out of the habit of being adamant that the only way something can be done is how we are doing it now and instead look at what are the core and often innate needs and wants that this activity satisfies. Communication is a fundamental human need and  trait and if anything we ar

What’s over the job and career horizon?

Date posted: February 13, 2014

future careerThere's a lot of conversation going on around the future of careers and jobs, given recent manufacturing and mining redundancy announcements and it has everyone asking what careers and jobs are future proof and which are not. Firstly many of today's and yesterdays professions will still be around including - teachers, doctors, health professionals, retailers and many others will still be around in 50 years, but how they do their jobs, where and when they do it and how important it may be, will evolve over time. The foresight issue is that today's Grade 1 student will

A post #Toyota and #Holden Future

Date posted: February 11, 2014

career compassWith all the understandable uncertainty around jobs and careers triggered by Holden and Toyota's recent shutdown announcements listeners to Geoff's ABC Perth Breakfast show were wondering what their kids should be studying and what Future careers might be available to them. We started by looking at the realty that many of today's careers are going to stick around including healthcare which according to Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) will see j

What future career would you bet on?

Date posted: February 3, 2014

career and opp signsWith school starting back around Australia, it's a perfect time to ask ourselves the perennial question of which careers and future are we preparing our kids for? As a baby boomer, my world of education asked me at the end of my final year of high school to make one (1) career choice and to get a job a trade or a qualification in it. My employer would promote and reward me for my longevity and at the end of my 40 years retire me, hand me over to the government for a pension and to my family for my final golden years. Today's kids have no promise of