Amazon Go – but what about the people? / Radio HK3

Date posted: December 8, 2016 I'm going to call this out, just like I did back in 2009 when I curated the Retail Store of the Future exhibition , the future of the routine stuff we buy in stores is going to be automated, mechanised and stuffed full of new tech, because it can and because we want it to - I know some of you are going to yell you don't, but if enough of us truly passionately didn't want it, then we wouldn't let it happen. This morning Amazon Go announced  its newest foray into retail, a fully automated physical bricks and mortar supermarket that allows customers to swipe themselves into the store, shop for items, put them in their basket and then leave the store

Online and physical #retailers have finally kissed and made up / Hong Kong Radio 3, ABC Far North, Austereo

Date posted: April 5, 2016

Amazon-books-storefront HK3's Phil Whelan's comment "everything old is new again" strikes a chord as we catch up for our weekly on air chat, this week to explore why online retail giants like Amazon are experimenting with opening physical bricks and mortar store and it all comes down to maturity and you can't keep a good topic down so later in the week I caught up with Kier @ ABC Far North and Anthony Tilli @ Austereo to keep the chat alive and look at it from a regional Australian perspective. The red cordial hyper phase online shopping era has thankfully passed and with it we are returning to demanding the best and most appropriate ret

#Bunnings going smaller to get bigger / The New Daily

Date posted: March 31, 2016

2009-Kirrawee We’re all familiar with the sight of a giant green Bunnings warehouse – a sausage sizzle out the front and a car park teeming with would-be tradies. But following the demise of its major competitor, Woolworths-owned Masters, Australia’s largest hardware operator is increasing its dominance by rolling out a growing number of smaller format stores. The store, expected to cost $8 million and span 3000 square metres, is due to open mid-year at the Toombul Shopping Centre in Brisbane, sparking speculation that Bunnings is making a concerted foray into the shopping centre market. Many shoppers may be unfamiliar with the number of smaller forma

Resell the food you’re not going to eat & Dr. App / ABC Far North & Austereo West

Date posted: March 14, 2016

wefood-food-waste-surplus Our supermarkets and wholesalers throw out food that is still edible, as use by dates reach their expiry and fruit becomes blemished, but in Sweden WeFood has opened a new supermarket that collects these foods and sells them at a 30-50% discount. Volunteers collect produce from traditional supermarkets, importers, butchers, bakers and growers and sell them to both low-income shoppers and to anyone who is concerned about food waste. A great solution to a food shortage problem that is rarely about food availability, but rather about a lack

More brands could follow Dick Smith into oblivion / The New Daily

Date posted: February 26, 2016

retail There is a long list of household names that have vacated the retail world. Dick Smith and Masters are now on the list and others are likely to follow. New retailers are pushing out more familiar names. More household names could be set to disappear into Australian retailing history following the demise of Dick Smith this week. The electronics retailer had been a stalwart of the market for 48 years, but the Dick Smith name alone proved not to be enough to save the ailing company and the jobs of nearly 3000 people. Masters, the ill-starred hardware start-up owned by Woolworths, is another name that will vanish without trace when the stores close in coming mo

E-tailing chat apps may be buzz, future / Times of India

Date posted: February 1, 2016

E-commerce reprinted from The Times of India Technology Section, CHENNAI: Connect with a homemaker 500 miles away to buy a customised brocade potli bag through a chat app or order your favourite grande latte with skimmed milk from Starbucks by simply typing 'coffee'. Conversational commerce' - through spin off technology on chat apps for e-tailing - is emerging as the next big thing in ecommerce. Consumers and companies, both ecommerce and e

#CES2016 – the 6 trends that will dominate the year ahead ( #2016trends ) / Austereo, ABC Local, ABC Far North

Date posted: January 15, 2016

_DSC0661 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016, Nerdvana, has ended for another year and Las Vegas has said goodbye to 170,000 visitors and 3,631 exhibitors all itching to get a glimpse of the year ahead in tech gadgets and retail offerings and also looking for the dots to connect to figure out what's lies further ahead. There were a number of clear categories this year and in this weeks regular ABC and Austereo radio segments I explored some of these and also what may be next and after next. The overriding theme for me this year was that we have crossed over the threshold away from having and owning to using and doing. Read More...

The beer economy / ABC NSW Local

Date posted: January 14, 2016

tooheys_new_sunscreen What's an old Mercedes-Benz worth? 50 cases of wild turkey bourbon (or about $16,500 @ 6 bottles per carton x $55 each), if you're selling it on one of the many beer economy Facebook secret groups that are springing up. A Facebook secret group is an invite only collection of people usually around a common interest like religion, politics, causes, education, schools, hobbies, interests, local community etc and in this growing digital trend numerous  secret groups have sprung up in every state of Australia blending secret groups with the collaboration economy philosophy to pay for services and products with alcohol. The ATO of

Talking Smart Fridges @ #CES 2016 / It’s Just Not Cricket – ABC

Date posted: January 7, 2016

samsung-refridgerator-ces-2016-2000-7454 Who can resist a talking smart fridge, not Glynn Greensmith of ABC's It's Just Not Cricket, who in one of our increasingly regular chats wanted to explore Samsung's smart fridge on display at this years CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas. For decades we've been promised an "all-knowing" smart fridge that lets you what it has inside of it and what it needs and this year we've seen the release of Samsung's 3rd attempt at creating this with its AU$6,860 four door, 54.6cm gorilla glass touchscreen panel Che

Tomorrow’s supermarkets today / ABC Overnights

Date posted: December 5, 2015

tallyAldi is Australia's largest ski wear retailer. Australia's grocery market is worth $102 billion. Australian now grocery shop twice a week buying fewer and fresher items against the large single shop of only a decade ago, are all fascinating snapshots of Australia's supermarket scene today and predictors of where next for this sector and a great place to start a chat with ABC radio's Overnights host Michael Pavlich. Coles and Woolthworths are still the big two, but the lesson here is that size and history no longer necessarily determine futu