Living to 120 and working to 90 / Channel 10’s The Project

Date posted: October 6, 2017

The crew from Channel 10's The Project reached out this evening, ahead of a keynote I'm delivering in Adelaide on the weekend on Living to 120 and working into our 90's and asked if I could take them on a tour of tomorrow in search of what a world where we all have the potential to live to beyond 100 might look like. Along the way, we explored a tomorrow in which we routinely live to 100 and beyond; asked what jobs if any we might be doing (including my belief that there will be no jobs, as we know them); how we could possibly work until we're 90; how we might be liv

Future of Work / Channel 7 Sunrise

Date posted: August 9, 2017

We are transitioning from Homo Sapiens to technologically tethered Homo Cyborg's that will live to 120 and work to 100. In this evolving world of tomorrow how we work, where, when, for whom and how will all change, as will the notion of work itself. Beyond this is the reality that we will have 7 careers and 40 jobs, not in the traditional 9-5 manner of the last 150 years, but most likely a number of them undertaken simultaneously, some for income, some for career and self enhancement, some for philanthropy, some just for fun, but what we do know is that nothing will be as i

A glimpse at the way we will live, work and educate in 2030 / Peter Switzer Sky News TV, ABC Far North

Date posted: January 25, 2016

switzer Every year, as our newest school kids start kindergarten, I like to take an expectant look forward to the year that many of them may enter the workforce, so welcome to 2030 when: Australia

  • Australian population will have grown to 28,481,000 (23,972,800 today)
  • 1 in 5 Australian’s will be over 60 years old
  • the ratio of workers to retirees will be 3:1 (5:1 today)
  • the average Australian house will cost $3,000,000 ($658,608 today)
  • the average household income will be $275,000 ($145,400 today).
Global

#Drones on Hinch Live / Sky Business TV

Date posted: November 1, 2015

IMG_7609 (2)What do drones, Australia Post, Amazon, Walmart, Google and Facebook have in common? It appears a lot, with all of them (and many others) ramping up their efforts to use drones for delivery of everything from parcels to the internet. In my regular catch up with Sky Business's Derryn Hinch we explore what drones are, some of the many ways they may be used in the near future and debate the question of whether drones should be registered.

How will we shop in 2020? / 4BC

Date posted: July 14, 2015

PrintThe wailing and crying over the supposed death of physical retail stores seems to have been raging forever, but really it's a recent conversation and one that is way overhyped. Obviously there is a relatively new retail player that lives inside the digital world and starting from a zero base only a decade or so ago has taken a lot of the conversation, but put into perspective Australians last year spent $265 billion in retail stores and only 13% of that was spent online. I have never believed that physical retail would disappear and be replaced by a totally digital online space, it

Will Derryn Hinch be replaced by a robot? / Hinch Live Sky Business TV

Date posted: July 12, 2015

hinch_and_me_12_July_15 Will computers take over the newsroom? was the question that prompted Derryn Hinch, of Hinch Live Sky Business TV, to want to chat about the Future of Robots. In this lively discussion Derryn and I explore all things Robots, looking at the future of robots in the workplace, in the home, on the road, in the skies and in our lives and ponder what the world of 2025 and beyond might look like. A great chat so have a watch now (10 minut

Will we work in the Future? / Switzer Sky Business TV

Date posted: May 25, 2015

me_and_switzer_21_May_2015There is an urban myth going around, that as we get closer to 2030, robots will be running the world and human workers will be the exception, not the rule. REALLY??!! There has never been a generation that didn't believe the next generation was undoing all the wonderful advancements of the previous. Where we didn't lament and fear for the future and look with disdain and disbelief at what the next generation sees as important and ordinary. The reality is that we are entering a new dawn of work, heralded by a digital revolution, the likes of which we have never

Are you watching TV, or is it watching you? | ABC Local Cairns

Date posted: February 10, 2015

phil_staley_abc_cairnsOn the back of a report that Samsung TV's new voice-activated features have the ability to capture, store and send your voice and words to third parties, Phil Staley of ABC Far North Queensland jumped on the phone to say "tell me it isn't so!". The reality is that voice activated tech, which we're seeing lots of, does do what it claims to do, hear, understand and act on your voice and to do this it records you and if required sends your voice to a third-p

Life on Demand | Sky Business TV

Date posted: August 27, 2014

me_on_switzerThe red cordial high we used to get from new tech, gadgets and gizmos is over. We know that tech, the internet and the digital world is in our pockets, briefcases, handbags, in the things we wear and carry, but we're over it all we really want now is perspective and purpose. I've watched with interest as my geek and nerd mates have come out of tech hibernation ready to use, not enthuse, and its great to find that Microsoft's latest whitepaper Read More...

Back on Switzer tonight with the Microsoft #LifeOnDemand crew

Date posted: August 26, 2014

me_and_switzer_8_April_14On Sky Business TV tonight with @PeterSwitzer @ 7.30 to discuss the #FutureOfWork with the Microsoft team around their #lifeondemand white paper, tune in and see where the brave new world of work, life and stuff is headed.