The trendy piece of tech that’s dwarfing Apple / The New Daily

Date posted: February 25, 2016

JawboneFitBit-1 Report claims the tech giant is getting thrashed in an emerging area it tried to claim. Apple has lost the battle of the wrist to Fitbit, which is now arguably synonymous with the word ‘wearable’. New data from an international research group confirmed this week the company’s dominance. In the final quarter of 2015, Fitbits outsold Apple Watches two-to-one. Fitbit shipped 8.1 million devices between October and December last year, giving it nearly 30 per cent market share, compared to 4.1 million Apple Watches, International Data Corporation (IDC) Read More...

I’m seeing digital ghosts – the rise of #AR and #VR / Austereo

Date posted: February 16, 2016

diff-between-ar-and-vr With the onslaught of Virtual Reality headsets in the first half of this year, there's a lot more interest in what it is, why it is, what we might do with it and will it take off and this week in our regular catch up Austereo's Anthony Tilli and I caught up to chat all things Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) So our first task was to tell the difference between AR and VR. AR takes the real world and adds stuff to it, think Minority Report and heads-up car displays, whilst VR requires you to put on a helmet or similar and replaces the real world with a dig

#CES2016 – the 6 trends that will dominate the year ahead ( #2016trends ) / Austereo, ABC Local, ABC Far North

Date posted: January 15, 2016

_DSC0661 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016, Nerdvana, has ended for another year and Las Vegas has said goodbye to 170,000 visitors and 3,631 exhibitors all itching to get a glimpse of the year ahead in tech gadgets and retail offerings and also looking for the dots to connect to figure out what's lies further ahead. There were a number of clear categories this year and in this weeks regular ABC and Austereo radio segments I explored some of these and also what may be next and after next. The overriding theme for me this year was that we have crossed over the threshold away from having and owning to using and doing. Read More...

Happy 2016 / 6PR, ABC Canberra

Date posted: January 1, 2016

h2016 Australian elections, Olympic games, leap year, personal robots, drones, artificial intelligence, toasters talking to fridges, cars that drive themselves, and so much more are going to be a part of a 2016 and on this first morning of this brand new year I caught up with 6PR Perth and ABC Canberra's breakfast shows to chat all things new, shiny and different. Click here for my 2016 predictions, have a listen to these two segments and then share your predictions for 2016. ABC Canberra - 1st January 2016 (13 minutes 52 seconds) [audio mp3="

Looking back at 2015 and forward to 2016 trends / ABC Far North, Austereo

Date posted: December 7, 2015

2015 - 16One thing I can accurately predict is that around this time of year every year requests come in for a nostalgic look at what we achieved this year and a predictive look at what next year's trends may bring and this was the theme of my segment this week with Phil Staley of ABC Far North. 2015 was a watershed year in many ways, and for me some of the more obscure but significant technology advances included: Tesla's recent software upgrade turning all of it's on road cars into semi autonomous hands free vehicles, important because it speaks to the ability to significantly change the function and use of an everyday motor vehicle simply through a sof

Unveiling the top ten global societal #megatrends / Ipsos Event

Date posted: November 5, 2015

IPSOS Function 5 Nov 15

Special guest panel explore future trends in Australia

Leading global research company Ipsos unveiled ten “mega trends” that will shape the world’s future, while a panel of experts explored future societal trends in Australia at a special event in Sydney last night to celebrate Ipsos’s 40th anniversary. The “Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward – what does the future hold?” event was attended by 150 guests at Sydney’s Pier One where experts including Sydney Morning Herald Editor-in-Chief Darren Goodsir, business futurist

The #Future of #Sports / 4BC, ABC Far North

Date posted: October 6, 2015

51228514481277556SJIv7hd4cSwifter, higher, stronger is the mantra of most sports professionals and with the Australian AFL and NRL football grand finals behind us, it's a great time to ponder on what sport may look like and hold for us in the near future and in a series of media interviews this week that's what I set out to do. I'm always drawn to George Orwell's quote "serious sport is war without the bullets" and when you look at the time, energy and money spent by devoted fans and those that run and benefit from it, I t

Where does “real” finish and “virtual” begin? / Hong Kong Radio 3, 4BC and ABC Wide bay

Date posted: September 1, 2015

extraordinary_voyage_poster_285This really interesting future conundrum of how will we know where the real world finishes and the virtual world begins was the starting and ending point of my on air chat this week with Radio Hong Kong 3's Phil Whelan and also the conversation starter for my segments with 4BC's Clare Blake and ABC Wide Bay's David Dowsett. The prompt came from the anniversary of the release of Meliers 1902 f

Do machine mothers know best? | 4BC, Radio 3 Hong Kong, ABC Wide Bay, ABC Cairns

Date posted: June 16, 2015

ridingsun-robotHelper-753030We've spent the last 30 years putting ourselves on line and becoming discoverable, it's now our machines turn. Just like social media allows us to find each other across time and place, to interact, to discover, to speak, to listen, to inform, to engage, to transact, to query, to learn, to guide, to orchestrate, to announce, to follow and to lead, it's now time for our machines to be able to do the same. We are on the cusp of a revolution that will once again change everything we know about being human, having information,

Google’s Future / 4BC & Radio Hong Kong 3

Date posted: June 2, 2015

google-rd_1-100343051-origForget about using your mouse and keyboard, just use your shirt, your pants, your socks and whatever else you're wearing that happens to be made of Google's new jacquard material of the future and by waving your arms, walking or doing whatever else comes naturally (keep it clean) your technology and its minion of apps will follow behind you. This is only one of the many announcements that Google made last week at its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco. This conference is a great way to understand what Google is going to do i