#CES2015 Las Vegas Day 1 – update and Radio Hong Kong radio segment

ces 2015Welcome to day one of the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) aka geek and nerd nirvana.

Me and 160,000 of my closest mates from around the world are spending the next 4 days looking at the newest and greatest in electronics, gadgets and innovation.

Today was all about personal electronics and 8 hours of walking around the Las Vegas Convention Centre took me past Samsung’s 2015 and beyond kit, including some really shmick 4K TV’s both curved and straight, smart TV’s with android based apps and controls.

I managed to wrangle a test of oculus rift – set can’ wait for one of these and also a trial of Toshiba’s new heads up display glasses – good but I still think they have away to go before we need to run out and buy one.


_DSC0233Samsung also showed off their new phone complete with a really sweet curved edge that displays a status bar of the most regular apps and tools – on sale soon and definitely a serious contender for best phone.

Wearable watches were _DSC0223also high on the agenda – all sorts, all colours, all shapes, all sizes and all brands.

Personal Transportation abounds including electric skateboards, electric bikes and motorbikes, tesla’s, electric BMW and even a tricked up Maserati complete with a Teslaesque dashboard.

Droids were also on display, moving away from the kitch and playful to camera enabled droids that recognise your face and follow you around and decide on next shot, best angle to film at – very cool.

I even got my daughter in the act as she helped Samsung show off their newest prototype of a smart make up mirror, that allowed her to try virtual hairstyles, makeup applications and more all without picking up a comb, hair straightener or make up brush – we have this on back order for her for Christmas._DSC0244

Day One was about seeing the world of electronics becoming more personal, morphing into lots of new forms – watches, phones, devices, cars, bikes and more and the growing trend to connecting them all and allowing them to digitally talk amongst themselves and figure out what we want before we even know we want it.

All in all lots of people, lots of tech, lots of everything and its only day 1 with 3 more to go.

I also caught up with my mate Phil Whelan on Hong Kong radio soon after and we chatted about all things #CES2015 day 1, to listen click here.

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