Charity begins on-line

Give till it hurts is no longer an appropriate adage for giving charity, because it hurts us now – in the midst of an economic downturn – to give, but we have to keep on giving anyway.

The world of philanthropy and charity is unfortunately a thriving business. There is still great inequality in the world that needs to be remedied. There are still disasters, famines, floods and just sheer injustices that leads many on our planet to not have enough resources to get through their day nor feel certain about tomorrow.

Like all other businesses, charities are now using online as an additional tool to get their message out and get donations and resources in.

This week 6PR Perth’s Jason Jordan and I take a look at online philanthropy, new models of giving that encourage us to group shop online with profits going to the charity; play games which earn $$ for charities; become connected directly with the plight, cause and remedies and also take a look at a new group of social entrepreneurs – a tertiary qualified practitioner whose sole focus is on building not for profit businesses.

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