Morris Miselowski is a futurist. He’s one of those people you can ask about what’s coming next and, not only do you get an answer, it’ll be a fascinating one. Jen Storey, Editor Anthill Magazine

So much FUTURE stuff! I connected with some of the key dots around big data, process change, workforce, wisdom etc., etc., Great concepts, new language ideas & creative amazing solutions for business – all in all terrifyingly brilliant!.

That was so awesome, I’m struggling to think of a more wonderful word.

Many, many thanks for providing the passion and energy to top off the day

Nick – Family Business Australia

“Relevant, contemporary & insightful.  Morris provided welcome advice to the future of our industry & the world we’ll be trading in.’ A great “eye opener” into what is to come- I really enjoyed it.

This was a terrific introduction into future thinking – very informative!

I learned how much there is ahead and the need to pro-actively stay with it!

“Hugely thought provoking”

Just to let you know how wonderful it was to meet you last week; your discussion at the conference really was inspirational and quite thought provoking



I can definitely say it was spot on in terms of value and insight and you pitched info in such a way that it felt very real and relevant.  – BP

Morris has his Eye on the Future and is challenging our members to think of the impact of the future trends on their businesses, NOW
Inspiring Morris! Hope more cotton growers embrace the ‘dual worlds’. Thank you. – Bess Gairns

Awesome presentation at the Tourism Export Council conference today! Wow! Thanks – Michelle Caldwell

Morris is an amazing resource for information relating to technology and innovation. – Donna Hanson

Morris is a futurist par excellence. He is the philosopher for the modern age. By talking about possible futures, he helps us choose the best ones. He is a terrific author and professional speaker who makes sense of the complexities of day-to-day life. – Rodney Marks

As a speaker, Morris is really thought provoking, highlighting future trends and how they relate to business in real time. As a business consultant he has been a breath of fresh air. With a no-nonsense approach married to a broad range of practical knowledge and a deep understanding of people, he has enabled enlightened decision-making through minimal interventions. He may be based in Oz, but technology has enabled me to use him as a very effective tool in the UK… especially with the current exchange rate! – David Foster

Morris and his Program have been absolutely essential in starting my business along the trajectory it is now travelling. Part Mentor, part coach, all truth and bare bone facts with expertize, ideas and connections. Morris Thank you!! – Joe Bonington
I wanted to convey my thanks It was a great event and you were a fantastic speaker. Tamalin Morton | Coles

I just wanted to send a big thank to you for your presentation last Thursday in Melbourne. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Nat Hort | Foster’s Group Ltd

Thanks again for your presentation at the Willach dinner function in Melbourne last month.  I was captivated by the information you presented and must say, it was by far the most enjoyable presentation at any evening function that I have had the pleasure of attending.  All I wish for now is that they hurry up and abolish the keyboard!  Samantha McCourt | American Express Australia Limited

I was lucky enough to see your presentation at the FMCG Impact conference this week, it outshone all the others in terms of both delivery and content.  Karita

Just wanted to say thank you for your presentation on Monday morning.  I found it really enlightening and quite inspiring.  More importantly it left me wanting to learn more.  Justine Powell | Cerebos Gregg’s Ltd. Auckalnd New Zealand

I have heard a lot of speakers over the last seven years while writing for retail industry and business tourism/hospitality publications and you would have to be the number one on future trends and excellent in motivation. Warren Beaumont | Deputy Editor Retail World/Convenience World Magazines

I was so impressed with your presentation yesterday, and enjoyed listening to you immensely.  I have to tell you normally I tend to close down on this futuristic, brave new world, but you made it so relevant and interesting – so thank you for removing a little of the dinosaur in me!       Liz Mahon | The Recovery Company

Wow, What an experience!

I can’t believe that in fifty minute you have taught me so much about the future and more importantly got me excited about it. And what I loved most of all was your practical and uncanny insights into the trends and customers of tomorrow and I have already begun to use your innovation formula to rebuild my business strategy. Richie John | Independent Certified Financial Planner

Just as I thought I’d lost my way and didn’t know where to next for my business, I walked into your presentation and within ten minutes found my purpose and was reinvigorated and excited to achieve it.

I don’t know if it was your information made easy style or your obvious depth of knowledge and passion for business and its future, but whatever it was it was infectious and I happily caught it.   Milton Wigdorowitz | Certified Financial Planner GMP Financial.

Your presentation was incredible; I wish I had seen you earlier. We have made such monumental changes in such a short amount of time, and it is absolutely because we saw, and now see, our business through your eyes. It is the most profitable time we have ever spent and we look forward to working with you on going – what a return on our investment!
Philip Dunn Q.C., Chairman | Foley’s List 

I knew I had done the right thing the minute you began talking. You were almost clairvoyant in your ability to understand my business and to tell me things I had never known about myself, my business, my industry and my staff – but should have – and all from the stage and in just 60 minutes. The tips and suggestions you gave me have been invaluable. I can’t stop telling my friends and clients about you. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
Jan Carton, CEO | Chek Institute Australia

Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride. I learnt more in 90 minutes about my future, myself, my business and what I really need to do to move forward than I have in the past five years.  I appreciate your frankness and bluntness, although it did take me a while to get to use to it and what you already knew about my industry, my competitors and what I wanted to achieve, was mighty impressive.  Hamish Macqueen, Director | Cleancorp (NSW) 

Your disarming presentation style snuck up on me with a punch when I realised that I was learning so much about tomorrow’s world and having so much fun. It’s a whole new frontier and with your insights I am ready to take the world on – head first.  John Starr | Starr Industries

Our in-house strategy workshop that you facilitated was incredible. In one day we covered more ground and saw with more clarity then we have ever done before and I was blown away by your preparation, knowledge, insight, skills and ability to help us maintain focus, momentum and energy – you’re a keeper.  Suzanne McKinnon | Holmesglen TAFE

Your talk lingered on long after you did. It became the unofficial theme of our conference and nearly every speaker and delegate referred to your analogy of prison and your insights of a brave new world. Well done and more power to you! Ron McLean | Koa Institute