Day 4 of A Futurist’s Silicon Valley Israel Safari

Can you imagine the changes to our transport system and roads and the increase in patronage if every bus and tram received priority on the road and never had to stop at a red light.

Our first stop yesterday at Axilion, not only imagined it, they built it. In Jerusalem their technology ensures that the light railway tram never stops anywhere along its 14 kilometres route for a red light, cutting a previous journey time of 80 minutes down to 49 minutes, resulting in an increase in patronage and revenue of 400%, a reduction in power use of 30%, and with the resulting efficiency the need for less fleet, resulting in a sale of 6 redundant trams, each sold for $60 million.

Their technology is currently being installed into New York’s infrastructure, with 5th Avenue its first destination and set to go live in February next year.

Moving on to Bright Innovations we heard a pitch from a software company that has taken an app store approach to providing internet of things software to fixed hard landscapes like roads and buildings, looking to provide the largest library of ready to use and easy to modify solutions.

Razor Labs was our next stop, to visit with a relatively new company, that earlier this year was voted Israel’s top provider of AI bespoke solutions. They blew us away with real live case studies of how a camera, or series of cameras, can monitor a situation 24/7 looking for what they call “false positives’”, things that are not normally there and then figure out what’s wrong with it and what should be done to fix it. Examples included watching violence erupt on the street and within 4 secs alerting the relevant authorities complete with a detailed history, photos, likely scenarios and resources need to stop the disturbance.

Our last stop for the day was a visit to Sight Diagnostics, who uses technology developed by MobileEye for autonomous car, to take 2 drops of blood, place them into a small lightweight totally portable testing machine and with 99% accuracy conduct comprehensive blood testing.

It doesn’t matter how many ideas we’ve seen and how many companies and people we visit we continue to be amazed, thrilled and scared.

Every idea is so mind blowing with possibilities. Each points so vividly to our future world, where what we currently do and have becomes obsolete and redundant.

Tomorrow we leave Tel Aviv and travel to Jerusalem to discover the future of medicine, health and longevity.

If you want more insights, want to be connected to any of these people, or just to chat about Israel’s innovation scene and perhaps find collaborators here for your great idea, DM me.

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