Disney to Reap $1 Billion Online


The Walt Disney Co. expects to collect $1 billion in revenue from online content this fiscal year, a significant rise from estimates for fiscal 2007, CEO Robert Iger said Monday … Last month, Disney announced it had created a special studio to develop short-form dramatic and comedy series exclusively for broadcast on ABC.com and Google Inc.’s YouTube.

Full article: http://www.physorg.com/news124442746.html

Morris Miselowski’s thoughts:

On line content is the next big frontier and Disney has 1 billion reasons to believe this.

You Tube just announced that they were planning to provide a live stream service by the end of this year, which would allow us to broadcast our own content live to the Internet anywhere, anytime to an audience of billions. We know that people are now choosing to download shows and movies in preference to watching them as they are broadcast; and we know that there is an ever growing amount of devices on which and through which we can watch downloaded content.

One of the growing job categories of the future is definitely in the production, sourcing and dissemination of on line content.

Eye on the Future - Mar 11, 2008 | All, Business, Social, Technology