Disrupt Like a Start-Up

Topic:    Disruption / Innovation

There’s a reason start-up are so disruptive, they don’t care what’s been done before, everything is fair game to them and they zig whilst the established industry zags. 

Most of the serious competition and industry disruption nowadays, doesn’t come from existing players within an industry, it comes from neo and challengers outside the industry and from people and companies that have never been heard of before and wouldn’t have stood a chance of entering your world ten years ago.

In the 1950’s the average tenure of a company on the S&P 500 Index was 50+ years by 2025 it will be only 12 years. Today’s major corporates rarely own a physical asset relevant to their industry, instead they run digital global marketplaces connecting asset owners and service providers with those that want to have and use them.Today’s business models and goals don’t always make senses either. Profit is not always the first goal but becoming a decacorn may be.

In this brave new world one of the best ways of figuring out what lies ahead, is to follow the start-up’s and the money and in this keynote Morris does exactly that as he takes you on a guided tour of the ecosystem around your industry, tracks down the start-ups in your space, gets a sense for how they see your industry and the potential they see in it; takes a look at what they’re innovating and inventing and also looks at who’s funding them, for how much and why.

This is not a voyeuristic journey, but one of pure practical discovery. The lessons you learn, the insights you gain, and the understanding of your future marketplace can all be immediately ploughed back into your thinking, strategy, tactics, products and services.

Morris also shares his tried and tested, quick, easy and cheap method for squeezing 20% more out of your current methods and practices; how to get your entire tribe excited and involved in innovation and his 7-step process for how and where to find and harness your own continuous innovation inspiration.

You ignore the start up at your own peril. They don’t need your permission to exist, they only need your customers and ultimately your customers will make the decision between you and them.

To be fully informed, to know what might be ahead, before your customers and competitors know, and to see where your industry may be going in the hands of these start up’s, gives you the foresights and impetus to tackle them head on, to innovate and evolve your world, ensuring you remain relevant, viable and profitable long into the future.