Resell the food you’re not going to eat & Dr. App / ABC Far North & Austereo West

wefood-food-waste-surplus Our supermarkets and wholesalers throw out food that is still edible, as use by dates reach their expiry and fruit becomes blemished, but in Sweden WeFood has opened a new supermarket that collects these foods and sells them at a 30-50% discount.

Volunteers collect produce from traditional supermarkets, importers, butchers, bakers and growers and sell them to both low-income shoppers and to anyone who is concerned about food waste.

A great solution to a food shortage problem that is rarely about food availability, but rather about a lack of sharing and access.

In these weeks on air segments, I also chatted with Austereo’s Anthony Tilli and ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey about the Dr Google app that lets you complain to you mobile phone about your ailments and symptoms, and just like a digital mother / Doctor it will tell you what’s wrong with you and what to do about it.

This will definetly be a must have for all Cyebrchondriacs, those that are constantly Googling to find out what’s wrong with them, but before you write if off, the innards of this app is the same Artificial Intelligence “secret sauce” being used in by Doctors in Hospitals around the world for the exact same thing.

Have a listen now for these stories, Facebook Live‘s launch and why it might be important to the Future of Communication and Oculus Rift’s latest gizmo Social Trivia, that lets’ you put on a Virtual Reality headset and meet your mates inside the screen.

Austereo – Anthony Tilli – 4 minutes 51 seconds

ABC Far North – Kier Shorey – 11 minutes 53 seconds

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