Crowdsourced Democracy and #e-Voting / ABC Far North

evote We routinely crowdsource ideas, products and opinions. The Indian government amassed 3 million comments over the past 18 months from its citizens through its portal – MyGov.In and social media seems to be constantly driving and spreading the political agenda.

With both a Queensland and Australian election imminent, ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey and I explored the notion of e-voting and digital political engagement.

Finland, France, Norway, Estonia, Spain and Australia have all trialed e-voting either allowing you to vote from wherever you are, or requiring you to go to a fixed polling booth to use a digital voting kiosk, but no country has adopted online voting exclusively, yet.

Some of the issues cited for this lack of adoption are security of votes from hackers, lack of apparent audit or scrutiny trails, privacy issues, lack of political desire to change and lack of voter desire, which are the traditional reasons for not wanting to change anything.

It seems obvious that in the next few decades we will all vote on-line and romantically reminisce of the good old pencil and paper days.

This year in Australia upwards of 80% of all Census forms will be completed online, a notion a decade ago that would have seemed almost impossible.

With the political wind blowing over Australia this year and the growing digital everything world we live in, this is a timely debate and one that eventually we will need to tackle and resolve.

Have a listen now (11 minutes 29 seconds) and then cast your vote for e-voting….


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