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Hot off the digital press, is the latest edition of my foresight eMagazine FutureCurious Times, a collection of this years most read, most watched and most listened to media interviews and original articles on the Future of work, careers, homes, cars, culture, education, ageing, robots. retail and more.

Inside, amongst the many articles, 200+ hours of audio and 10+ hours of videos you’ll find a 50 minute Think like a Futurist” video stepping you through kick-starting your own innovation and foresight ecosystem on a shoestring; showcasing the business trends that are going to impact your business over the next 18 months and sharing the future proofing steps that I’m encouraging all of my audiences, clients and CEO’s to take now, if they’re going to survive and profit in the FUTURE.

There’s lot of inspiration ahead as you read, watch and listen to what may be just over the horizon and as you do make sure you’ve got a pen and paper handy (so, old school) so that you can capture your thoughts, ideas and provocative what-if’s.