Fast Forward through 2015 | 4BC

io-hawk_620x464The hover-board made its latest debut at CES in two forms a Segway like device minus handles that works on any surface and another that required a specific metal floor that acted much like a fairgrounds bumper car ride in order to work.

Apart from these two must have’s 4BC’s Clare Brady and I chatted about the year ahead in tech and gadgets, wearables and watches, the ridiculous and sublime of CES 2015 and we even squeezed in a Las Vegas travelogue and took a callers memories of his last trip there, all in the first of our 2015 regular catch ups.

Listen now (17 minutes) and join me on 4BC Brisbane radio Tuesday 25th February @ 4.00 p.m. (EST)

Eye on the Future - Feb 11, 2015 | All, Gadgets, Radio Interview, Technology, Wearable Technology
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