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Facebook_Live A picture paints a thousand words, a video a million and perhaps that explains why Mark Zuckerberg is so adamant to make Facebook Live the must have in live streaming and also why its News Feed was recently tweaked to bring these live broadcasts to the top of content displayed.

Facebook has been trialing this service for a couple of months allowing celebs to connect directly with their fans and in this short time they’ve had 246,000 live streams and 5.67 billion views and to kick-start what will hopefully be lots of interesting content Facebook is approaching influencers, celebs, TMZ and the American NFL offering 6 figure payments to those that can command an audience and keep them watching.

This new service takes on competitors Vine and Periscope and comes just as Meerkat, the originator of this relatively new genre, concedes defeat and reworks its audience and seems to fit in with the rising trend that we will experience information instead of reading it. This would also put Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality headset, into perspective as a tool that will allow us to feel and 360 degree see what our community is doing, seeing and saying.

Radio HK3’s Phil Whelan is looking hard at this new tech as broadcasters around him begin trialing live broadcasting from their studio’s.

We also took a look at a recent HK report that showed that 50% of parents thought their children would do something on-line to embarrass the family and 17% of Hong Kong parents know their children have experienced on-line bullying. Phil thought this had something to do with how much homework children in Hong Kong are required to do, which puts them online at all hours and leaves them open to online concerns.

how-much-time-do-15 I checked the OECD’s average number of hours kids do homework around the world and found the Hong Kong and Australian Year 9 students do an average of 6 hours per week, with Shanghai China coming in at the top with 13.8 hours per week. This started an avalanche of caller comments, all adamant that their child does 6 hours per night, not per week, and citing recent local newspaper coverage of teenagers committing suicide reportedly driven by excess homework.

We also marked the recent sad passing of Ray Tomlinson email’s inventor and the person that bought the @ symbol out of an obscure bookkeeping life turning it into one of the most used characters on any keyboard.

As always a great chat, so have a listen now (17 minutes 21 seconds) and let me know if you have anything to add.

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