The future of communication & the end of mobile phones / ABC It’s Just Not Cricket

Old Phone New Phone – It was just the anniversary of the passing of Alexander Graham Bell, and we wanted to return to the fascinating subject of phones. Futurist Morris Miselowski will tell us what’s going to happen to our phones in 2017 and beyond (I remember doing an interview a few years ago on the subject and we were promised phones would be part of our everyday clothes, it’ll be good to check out how that’s coming along! )and check out Glynn Greensmith of ABC’s It’s Just Not Cricket did in our semi-regular on-air catch up.

The notion of communication will of course continue, but mobile phones, will not be our device of choice for very much longer, in fact it hasn’t been for quite a while already.

The phone part of most of our mobile phones is often the least used function. Instead we receive / send IM and text messages, connect through apps, communicate through our devices using Siri / Cortina / Echo, swipe left and right and do all kinds of things to avoid picking up the phone and saying “hello”.

So in the future our single mobile will fracture into a myriad of embedded and carried devices, I predict we will all carry about 9 of these at any time in, on and around us , each device doing its own thing, measuring your needs and inputs and turning it into just in time / just for me outputs (directions, body temperature, things around you) and collectively acting like your own Digital Concierge (DC)overseeing your life and your needs.

In this world communication will be largely preemptive and triggered by our tech on our behalf, we will talk and gesture in response and never be quite sure what we are talking to, but having confidence that we have been heard, by our needs and wants being met.

Another great Glynn Greensmith conversation about a new era in tech that we will soon be all around us, so have a listen now (11 mins 07 sec) …

Eye on the Future - Aug 5, 2017 | All, Gadgets, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview, Technology