Future of Mobility / ABC Nightlife

Humans are all about mobility, it’s hard-wired into our DNA and soft wired into our hearts and souls. We gaze longingly at the horizon, travel treacherous oceans and uncharted solar systems all in the hope of extending our grasp on reality and possibility.

This week I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Ford tribe gazing into the future of mobility and what transport might be, look like and offer us in the next 50 years and last night ABC’s Nightlife Phil Clarke and I carried on this conversation with our audience and special guest Sheryl Connelly Ford’s Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager.

Listen in as we explore the future of transport, chat about why cars as we know it are dinosaurs waiting for extinction and what the next great modes and uses of transport might be and also what our listeners thought of these bold predictions.

Spoiler alert Warren and many others listeners were not having any of it and I’ve got a side bet going with host Phil Clarke that in 15 years from now I’d be happy to put my kids in a driverless car, cos he says I won’t (pretty confident that wine will have aged beautifully by the time I drink it in 2033).

Listen now and then add your voice to the Future of Mobility debate (50 mins 21 secs)



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