Future of Sport, Athletes and Spectators / ABC Far North, ABC WA Drive, Hong Kong 3

With the Commonwealth Games as a backdrop of sporting excellence, it’s a great time to look ahead and ponder what the future of sports, athletes and spectators might be, do, train, watch and enjoy in the next few decades and in my #FutureChat media segments this week we explored:

  • Tomorrow’s hyper advanced athletes’
  • Globalisation of sports
  • Holographic players and athletes in our stadiums and homes
  • Athlete training technology
  • Extreme / assertive sports
  • Gender rebalance in sports
  • Sport robots and games
    and asked
  • how much further can we push our bodies?
  • what the role of technology is in future sports and how close to some of these
  • imminent advancements come to doping and tampering?
    A great topic, have a listen and let me know your thoughts and what your most looking forward to in Future Sports.

ABC Far North, Kier Shorey, 16 April 2018, 10 mins 17 secs

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