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abc_rod_quinn_and_me_20_Sept_14Woolworth’s recently published a report on the Future of the Supermarkets complete with predictions about who their future consumers may be and the what, where, when and how of what they might want from them and this was the spark that started the chat between Rod Quinn of ABC Local’s Overnight and I.

In this 45 minute radio segment we discussed all things Future Retail and took a tonne of callers questions (who knew there were so many people awake and interested at 4.15 a.m.) around the topics of:

• The increasing shoppers’ desire for “local” and “fresh” produce
• Whether in-store shopping will be for these items only
• Whether long-term food items, i.e. pantry items, will be ordered almost entirely online
• The change in the grocery shopping experience and self checkouts
• How “local” and “fresh” produce is monitored and marketed
• Whether the “average shopper” has changed from a nuclear family / mum buying the groceries
• How Australia’s supermarkets will adapt, or how they need to adapt, to meet this desire for a different shopping experience
• The cramped aisle concept being on its way out as supermarkets evolve into something altogether different.
• How likely the Big Two – Coles & Woolworths, or Colesworth as we affectionately called them, may be affected by changing consumer sentiment in the future?

A great discussion and some really great callers questions, click on the this link ovn3, wait for the pop up screen and then choose your player or download option.

ABC Perth Radio – Breakfast Show with James Lush 

A great topic always has lot’s of different angles and possibilities and I picked up the thread of the Future of Retail later that same day on my regular Saturday Breakfast segment with James Lush on ABC Perth, have  a listen to this for a different take on the Future of Retail:


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