The Future of Finance, Banking, Insurance, FinTech

Where once money had a reverent physical form, was collected, stored and used, it now increasingly has an irreverent digital ghost like persona, no longer confined to the physicality of bank vaults, wallets and under mattresses’, instead now roaming freely inside internet pipes, smart phones and technology at large.

In this brave new FinTech landscape where the notion of lending and borrowing, of traditional financial offerings made by traditional financial players are being usurped daily by up-starts and start-ups each challenging old paradigms and business models with new frictionless financial possibilities, offerings and ways to transact.

The clever amongst us know that the secret to harnessing the future’s immense profitable possibilities is to stop focusing on the logistical question of how things are done and instead fixate on the human question of “why” they are done at all.

In this brave new financial world transactions will have two masters, humans and technology, the question is how we serve both, well.

The first master is the human, who will continue to trade and to do so will require readily accessible and recognisable physical and digital currency.

The second will be technology itself.

This humanesque digital financial assistants will seem to come alive as they travel through the Internet of Things, connected spaces, artificial intelligence, smart contacts, wearable devices, robo advisors and other emerging technologies transacting with tacit approval from us as they seamlessly instigate, oversee, transact and audit our daily financial transactions.

These financial transactions, carried on by us and for us, will be underpinned by a continuing trust in our financial institutions and instruments, it will also require a level of financial intimacy that we have not seen in nearly half a century, where business and personal finances and financial choices are all laid readily bare, are up to the millisecond accurate and are easily manipulated and modelled to achieve best outcome scenarios.

Morris will take you on a personalised journey through your key financial and human future horizons.

Explore the fintech ecosystem around you; what’s happening and emerging around your industry; expose the psyche and wants of tomorrow’s consumers and clarify the fintech intersection at which humans and technology meet and what human’s place and purpose will be in this new frontier.