If water, sewage, gas and oil can be transported through underground pipelines, why not consumer goods as well?


Some Western European countries are getting serious about transporting consumer goods through automated subterranean networks – introducing a fifth transport mode next to road, rail, air and water. This rare combination of low-tech sense and high-tech knowledge could lead to a further economic growth without destroying the environment and the quality of life.

Full article: http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2008/02/a-world-without.html

Morris Miselowski’s thoughts:

It’s exactly this kind of thinking that we need to get passed the blocks of today. We all know that doing more of the same only gets us the same results, so why do we persist and insist on fixing the stuff we have now, and not put all this time energy and resource into new thinking and new paradigms. Whether this underground transport system works, is feasible, or even practical is not the issue here, what is the issue is that we are opening the debate to “what if’s” and “why-not’s” and it’s from this discussion that we are likely to find the medium to long term answers we need.

Eye on the Future - Mar 7, 2008 | All, Business, Social, Technology, Transport