Innovation Safari – The Webinar – May 2018

On the last Friday morning of each month I gather together the best tech, innovation, invention, rumour, mumbling, memes and stories of the previous 30 days and squeeze them into a 30 minutes webinar focusing on what’s next and after next and dolloping each with a lavish helping of why I think the stories important / not important; what its likely and unlikely consequences may be on humans, society and business; when it might hit (if at all) and what (if anything) you can do about / with it right now and then present it live online, to an ever-growing band of loyal global followers.

Some of the stuff I covered in May 2018’s webinar included:

/ artificially intelligent Tupperware // why privacy doesn’t matter // google everything // voice first computing // WeGrow education raises $11.5 million // OpenClassroom raises $60 million // MobileEye to help 8 million cars see // Sonos leverages its patent to woo Google Assistant // Rental bike company Lime raises $500 million // Twitter to use behavioural signals to rank tweets // Apple has 55 autonomous vehicles on the road // Tinder’s new location services // Xerox cancels $6.1 billion takeover by Fujifilm // Uber’s flying taxis // Facebook dating // WhatsApp founder quits //

Take a look for yourself (and be sure to join me live and free at my next 30 minute webinar on Friday 29th June 2018 @ 8.30 a.m. AEST – book below):

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