Let’s put Education front and centre

3011000-poster-future-of-educationI’ve been banging on about the future of education for over two decades and every day it seems to get more and more imperative that we own up to the fact that as a society we do not truly value Education and the importance it has in ensuring that Australia continues to enjoy the life and lifestyle we have created for ourselves and want our kids to have and improve on.

The conversation is not one of Politics, Teachers, Unions or opposing sides. It is simple and fundamental. We have built our kids a brand new world, so vastly different form the one we had and were educated to inhabit and protect. It is world where one career and one job per lifetime become 6 careers and 14 jobs. Where working in one fixed space, morphs into working physically and digitally in a myriad of spaces and where 60% of the tasks we will be doing in 2024, have not yet been invented in industries that have not yet evolved.

Educating our children into a world where they create jobs not get jobs is tomorrow’s reality and we must do everything we can to teach them what we do not yet know.

This was the theme for this weeks regular look into the future with David Dowsett of ABC Wide Bay as we explored education and learning and some of the new education related phenomenons including MOOC’s – Massive Open Online courses, Nano degrees, corporates sponsored education and on line tutoring.

Have a listen now and if you’d like to continue the conversation let me know your thoughts or join me this Wednesday 25th June at 10.00 p.m. on Radio ABC Local Nightline with Tony Delroy as we debate the Future of Education, take listeners calls and see if we can get the conversation out of the quagmire of politics and into communal necessity.

Eye on the Future - Jun 23, 2014 | All, education, Radio Interview
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