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me_on_switzerThe red cordial high we used to get from new tech, gadgets and gizmos is over.

We know that tech, the internet and the digital world is in our pockets, briefcases, handbags, in the things we wear and carry, but we’re over it all we really want now is perspective and purpose.

I’ve watched with interest as my geek and nerd mates have come out of tech hibernation ready to use, not enthuse, and its great to find that Microsoft’s latest whitepaper “Life on Demand” shows empirical evidence of this and what’s even better is that I get to put my two cents in on the findings and implications ahead for the way we’ll work, play and live in the future. so Microsoft’s Steven Miller, Vivid Idea’s Director and TEDx Sydney Curator Jess Scully and I headed into the TV studio to chat with Peter Switzer on Sky Business Channel about Life on Demand and where we’re headed.

Watch the segment now and then share your thoughts on Life on Demand.

Eye on the Future - Aug 27, 2014 | All, Business, Horizon Trends, Innovation, Technology, Television, Work
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