Live from Alice Springs – The Future of the Internet – Hong Kong Radio 3

IMAG3138This weeks segment came live out of Alice Springs, and with trepidation based on its remote location, HK 3’s Phil’s Whelan thought the connection would be bad, the internet impossible and communication terrible, this was of course after he’d already had a bad day of on-air interviews dropping out on him all caused by technology.

To his amazement the line was clear, the conversation crisp which started him asking why seems to be so hit and miss, what it’s the future might be and if we’ll ever have 100% reliable connections.

My answer started with a historical journey of how far we’ve come since dial-up internet, the vast distances that we now cover mostly without wires, the incredible speed with which (when its working) we are able to send and receive files, videos and audio and the commercial reality that it’s in the interest of the big digital companies to ensure that the internet gets better, faster and more reliable and that’s why Google, Facebook and many others are all experimenting with new and different internet options, why Li-Fi is looming on the horizon and why the story of the internet is only at its infancy.

Listen live as we explore Alice Springs, the internet of tomorrow and everything in between (11 minutes 12 seconds).

Eye on the Future - May 28, 2016 | All, Radio Interview
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