Living to 120 and working to 90 / Channel 10’s The Project

The crew from Channel 10’s The Project reached out this evening, ahead of a keynote I’m delivering in Adelaide on the weekend on Living to 120 and working into our 90’s and asked if I could take them on a tour of tomorrow in search of what a world where we all have the potential to live to beyond 100 might look like.

Along the way, we explored a tomorrow in which we routinely live to 100 and beyond; asked what jobs if any we might be doing (including my belief that there will be no jobs, as we know them); how we could possibly work until we’re 90; how we might be living; what our homes might look like; how can our superannuation and pensions cope with this new reality; what we need to do now to get ready and what else will be important to our future selves.

Incredible segment, take a look now and then share your hopes, dreams and visions for life in 2025.


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