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spyingIn a bill before the American Congress law enforcers are asking for extended powers allowing them to go inside mobile / cell phone VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) and Tor’s to monitor currently hidden searches, and communication.

This is always a difficult topic, because if you have nothing to hide, then there’s no big deal and I get that, but I’m always concerned that such sweeping obtrusive laws in the wrong hands can be used for evil and we’ve seen government’s and individuals in our current, recent and past history do exactly that.

This is where HK3’s Phil Whelan and I started our regular weekly chat looking at the good, bad ugly and Chinese experience of government spying.

As always we took a tangent off this one and ended up looking at people getting things for free on-line and whether that leads them to ever wanting to buy or pay for something that they can download for nothing and explored the worlds of Netflix, Spotify and others that are now growing exponentially larger offering a subscription model for something that many people used to feel they were entitled to watch or listen to for nothing.

Great chat, lots of fun, have a listen now (14 minutes 41 seconds)

Eye on the Future - May 3, 2016 | All, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview, Technology
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